Trump: Morning in America Part II

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When you hide the name and simply list accomplishments, any reasonable person would agree that Donald Trump has done more good for the country than any president in living memory.

Economy #

** African-America unemployment lowest  in history ** Hispanic unemployment lowest in history ** Female unemployment lowest in 18 years ** Stock market up 35% since *election

** Manufacturing jobs growing for *first time in decades ** Steelworkers going to back to work after humiliating layoffs ** Regulatory cuts have reinvigorated dying industries ** Millions of new jobs planned across the country

Foreign Policy & Security #

** Korean peace talks re-energized after 20+ years of US failure ** ISIS reduced to a street gang ** US Embassy returned to Jerusalem, where it belongs ** Military spending restored to pre-Obama levels ** Foreign leaders accepting that Reagan-era American leadership is back 

National Mood #

** “Morning in America” feeling is back ** Consumer confidence and business confidence hitting record highs month after  month ** Millennials  have become the largest group of homebuyers, defying demographer predictions ** First-time homebuyers make 65% of all home sales (huge!) ** Millennials have begun *mass migration to suburbs with 20% decline in urban core homebuying

Cultural Shift #

** Kanye West has jumped onto the Trump Train ** Leftist assaults on free thought and free speech have finally produced a long-overdue backlash ** Trump’s approval rating is holding above 50% despite relentless attacks by the media ** Traditional American values are on the rise

War on Trump Waning #

** House Intel Committee concluded no evidence of collusion with Russia ** Mueller investigation has failed to produce any evidence of misconduct by Trump Campaign despite a year of investigation by more than two dozen FBI and DOJ agents ** Jim Comey, John Brennan, James Clapper, and Andrew McCabe have admitted or been proven to have used our intel community to try to influence and overturn the 2016 election ** CNN’s Jake Tapper has been shown to have colluded with James Clapper to influence the 2016 election ** Despite years of reckless  media attacks, Trump’s base is stronger than ever

What’s Next? #

As warmer weather finally arrives across the USA and vacation season begins, expect Americans to pay less attention to the news and more attention to the way the country is actually functioning right now. 

People will discover a new feeling of optimism and possibilities. They will notice more smiles on the faces they see in restaurants, on subways, and walking down the street. 

With relief from the constant drumbeat of negativity on TV and podcasts, people will become even more enthusiastic. You might find yourself asking, “what if Trump was right all along?”

And the upward spiral of optimism and possibility will spring forward. 

It’s morning in America again.