April 22, 2018

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How Senator Schaff's "Clean Missouri" Plan Will Deliver the Legislature to Democrats

People who spend a lot of time in Jefferson City say Rob Schaff is so consumed with Governor Greitens that he’s completely lost his marbles. (I don’t know. Just telling you what I hear.)

When I read about Schaff’s latest endorxement of the Clean Missouri petition initiative, I believed the stories. This is dangerous stuff. If Clean Missouri becomes law, State Senator Rob Schaff’s proposal would flip our state legislature from Republican Red to a deep and dirty Democrat Blue.

How do I know? Meet Rob Schaff’s new best friends:

Clean Missouri's List of Sponsors: a who's who of leftist, social justice peacocks

Read it and weep. That a Republican state Senator whose legislative assistant is our old Tea Party friend, Jim Lembke (still on of the most stand-up guys in Missouri politics), would lock arms with this detritus is depressing.:

** National Abortion Rights Action League: these people make Planned Parenthood look like Mother Teresa ** Planned Parenthood: got baby parts? ** AFSCME: the unions bankrupting taxpayers through pension funds for *bureacrats. (Read all the way to end for a great AFSCME laugh!) ** SEIU: the people to call when you need to beat up a conservative ** Progress Missouri: SJW^3 ** Common Cause: they have a common cause with Ho Chi Minh and Josef Stalin

And those are just a few. A DNC convention couldn’t post a wall of that many leftist logos, but Rob Schaff proudly stands with this crowd. 

This Clean Missouri initiative is a travesty. I realize that just causes sometimes find common ground between right-leaning groups, like St. Louis Tea Party, and one or two leftist groups. After all, we worked with the ACLU and Arch City Defenders to help Eric Schmidt’s SB5 municipal court reform. But when the NEA, NARAL, Planned Parenthood, and Progress Missouri are all on the same page, it’s a page that should be shredded.

Schaff’s petition initiative for a constitutional amendment would eliminate traditional district mapping and replace the democratic process with an authoritarian one. If Schaff’s proposal wins, an unelected, unaccountable “non-partisan demographer” will draw the state’s legislative districts. 

What’s sad is that some Republicans are falling for the propaganda (pure BS) being shoveled by unions, the NARAL, and Planned Parenthood (all apparently close friends of Senator Schaff!) Even the weird Missouri Times is behind this Soros-funded disaster. 

Schaff's Plan to Make Missouri Blue Again

As we all know, “nonpartisan” is code for “leftwing whack job.” Do you really want your state’s elections run by an unelected, unaccountable “nonpartisan demographer?” No, you don’t. 

Get smart, Missouri. Tell Senator Schaff to take a flying leap and use his NARAL-funded initiative as a parachute. He can exercise his frothy hatred for the governor on his own time, without destroying the state in the process. His number is (573) 751-2183 or you can email him here.

P.S. We need state legislators who instinctively sniff out rats and attack them with a terrier’s tenacity. That’s why I’m supporting Dottie Bailey for Missouri’s 110th House District. She won’t let Schaff get away this.

P.P.S. Since AFSCME’s mentioned, I can’t resist including my favorite YouTube commercial of all time. WARNING: Language!