January 16, 2018

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I’m 100% with Governor Greitens

Nothing has shaken my support for Eric Greitens.

People ask me if I’m sorry I supported him. Are you kidding?

Governor Greitens signed Right to Work. Something I’ve supported since it first appeared in the 1970s.

Governor Greitens strengthened Missouri’s strong Right to Life policies.

Governor Greitens is rebuilding Missouri jobs and wages.

Governor Greitens is doing exactly what we elected him to do for Missouri.

Is he perfect? Of course not. Neither am I. I have flaws in places most people don’t have places.

I won’t write about speculations. What is known and admitted is only enough to confirm that Governor Greitens is a mere mortal. Like me. But far more accomplished.

I proudly wear my Day One shirt when I do dead lifts. It’s the greatest testimony I can give. Because dead lifts are what prepare us for action. And I supported Greitens for action.

He’s giving us action. He’s making Missouri great again.

I stand behind my Governor. And I’m proud to say it.