How to spot a #StableGenius

You probably would like to know how to spot a very stable genius. It’s a skill that can come in handy. (Free Bonus: I’ll point you to the funniest thing I ever read in my life. Just because I like you. But first . . .)

Well, today, Donald J. Trump gave us a lesson in genius detection.

With the MSM chanting “mentally unfit” and “stupid,” our very stable genius president took to his favorite persuasion tool, Twitter. Here is his genius 3-part tweet:

Dilbert creator and persuasion expert Scott Adams used his Coffee with Scott Periscope this morning to explain the genius of Trump’s technique:

As Scott predicted, the Trump-hater took the president’s genius bait.

To sum up, you can spot a genius by the way they trigger their enemies’ sarcasm and sanctimony to spread the idea they want spread. Donald Trump got CNN and Clay Aiken (and millions of other unhinged leftists) to repeat “very stable genius Trump” tens of millions of time in just a few hours. CNN might even launch a TV show called “Stable Genius” that discusses nothing but Trump. That’s genius.

And it brings us to The Gorilla Channel.

[Tweet “Learn how to spot a #stablegenius.”]

A comedian wrote a spoof of Fire and Fury. It’s so funny I hurt myself laughing and almost dialed 9-1-1 because I was having trouble breathing. I was laughing that hard. You will, too. Be careful where you are when you read this in a moment.

But the funniest thing: most leftists and Trump-haters thought this was an actual passage from the book! They retweeted like madmen and shared it with their friends. Only to find out . . . it was a spoof! In fact, the author had to change his Twitter handle to “the gorilla channel thing is a joke.” Cognitive dissonance at its best!

Read this genius spoof of the Wolff’s mostly-fake book that caused so much concern:

Now you know how to spot a genius.

Author: William Hennessy

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