September 20, 2017

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Hear Exactly What Jim Hoft and I Think of the Fake News Media

 . . . And It’s Deep-State Handlers

Jim Hoft is a genius.

From his St. Louis home, Jim runs one of the most influential websites in the universe, according to Harvard researchers. He’s a legend. Like Andrew Breitbart, Jim Hoft reshaped the media. Hoft exposes the rotten bastards who call themselves “journalists.”

** Caustic Jim Acosta ** F*** Chuck Todd ** Jake “The Fake” Tapper ** Juannabe Williams

Jim Hoft exposed these knuckle-dragging liars. These scavenger fish who cheer on Antifa’s terrorism. These thug-worshippers who hope for Kellyanne Conway’s assassination.

You want to know what I think about the Fake News Media? I’ll tell you.

But not here.

**What I think about the news media is unfit for print. **

If you want to hear what I really think of the fake news, you’ll have to** join Jim Hoft and me on Saturday, September 23 at 9:30 PM. At the Marriott at the Airport. **

All the details and tickets are available at this link.

Bring your recorders. You haven’t heard red meat like this since  . . . 2009.


Oh, and Steve Bannon will be there next day.