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Flush the Clapper. It Stinks!

James Clapper lied to Chuck Todd.

Clapper wiretapped Paul Manafort and lied about it. Just like Trump said.

James Clapper looks like a kind old grandfather. Like Josef Stalin. Or an elderly Charles Manson.

Like Stalin and Manson, **Clapper’s soiled name deserves to be flushed into the bowels of history’s bio hazard tank. **

James Clapper categorically denied that anyone associated with the Trump campaign was ever wiretapped. He lied.

James Clapper swore he’d have known of any FISA court request for a wiretap of any Trump associate. And then **he swore by inclusion that Paul Manafort was never wiretapped. **

Now we know Clapper is a liar. He lied to cover his criminal attempt to illegally steal the election.

Clapper is a liar. Flush the Clapper.


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