September 4, 2017

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It might happen before I finish typing this post.

Maybe it already happened. Maybe we just haven’t heard.

Or maybe it’s a few days away.

But it’s coming, folks. Believe me, it’s coming. And it’s gonna be a doozy.

So many lefties were hoping that Hurricane Harvey would finally knock out President Trump. If they pray, they prayed. They prayed for a monumental catastrophe. They prayed for total collapse of FEMA. They prayed for live video people drowning, of rednecks wearing Stars and Bars bandanas floating helplessly on the rooves of their double-wide mobile homes into the stormy Gulf of Mexico. They prayed for Trump to say something racist and homophobic. They prayed for failure.

And they got this, instead:


They got images of a president who knows how to run something. A builder who loves being around people. A guy who touches everybody while he’s talking to them. A guy who uses the word “love” more than a megachurch preacher. A guy talks about how great the recovery is going to be instead of how miserable the disaster was. A guy who focuses on a better future instead of whining about the troubled past.

Hurricane Harvey reminded millions of Americans why they voted for Donald J. Trump.

He’s a leader.

He’s a builder.

He’s job maker.

He’s a visionary.

He’s managing a crisis without working up a sweat. Making it look easy. Making it look like he was born to pull America through disasters and build something better on the other side. Like the Commodore Hotel. Like the ice rink in Central Park.

On time.

Under budget.

When everybody said it couldn’t be done.

The left will have to respond. Their narrative is cracking. And it’s cracking fast. Faster than an egg boiling too quickly. Faster than Hillary’s pancake makeup. Cracking like poorly mixed concrete. Cracking up. Their narrative is cracking up.

When people see their false narrative cracking, they rarely question that narrative and adjust. Instead, they deny the obvious. The obvious truth that the left’s Trump narrative was wrong all along.

They won’t adjust or recognize. They’ll try to tape their narrative back together again. Like Humpty Dumpty.

They’ll need something big. Something grand. Something outrageous.

To save their false narrative, CNN and NYTimes and MSNBC will need something with two heads:

*1. A head that makes the Trump look eviler than evil itself. *2. A head that’s so spectacular everybody must pay attention.

The Russia story is dead, so that won’t work.

Comey looks like a criminal, so you can’t use him.

Mueller looks as crooked as a dog’s hind leg, so better not look there.

Antifa’s credibility is falling apart at the seams.

So where do the lefties turn for their two-headed monster? Where do they find a two-headed dragon?

Maybe Kim Jung-un. Rehabilitate him into a sympathetic victim of Trump’s insane foreign policy.

Who knows? I don’t. But I can guarantee you editors and producers from the MSM are colluding right now. Colluding on a fake news story to make Trump look bad. Really bad.

They will orchestrate one if they have to. They’ve done it before. (A lot of the news you see on TV is pure fiction created by news producers for ratings or drive a narrative. Dan Rather did it. NBC did it. ABC does it. CNN does it. They write the script, they rehearse the blocking, they hire the actors, and they pretend it’s real.)

So I’m predicting two things now. Two things that will change everything.

Prediction One: The left (media, Democrats, friends) will stage a fake event in an attempt to make Trump look bad.

Prediction Two: The left’s scam will fail miserably, permanently destroying what’s left of their credibility and permanently solidifying Trump’s presidency.

A lot will change after that. Paul Ryan will decide to finally live up to his campaign promises. Tax reform, Obamacare repeal, the Wall will get legislative attention. Democrats in red states will panic and join the Republicans on key votes.

All because of Hurricane Harvey? No.

Because President Trump is actually really good at being President of the United States. Better than anyone since Ronald Reagan.

And because the Trump’s enemies can’t deal with that truth. So they’ll jump the shark in attempt to change the narrative. To save their false narrative.

They’ll fail.

And it will be so sweet to watch.