September 2, 2017

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Now, America Is Back!

We’ve been saying “America is back” ever since President Trump’s beautiful inauguration in January. And we meant it.

But “America is back” rose to a higher level today. A level not since the days following 9-11. Or maybe the greatest moments of the Reagan administration.

Today, in Houston, we saw the America of our dreams. The America that makes us cry when we hear the national anthem. Or when we see a soldier in Iraq bending down to help a tiny Iraqi child.

Today, in Houston, we saw the America that some wish would go away. The America that catches your breath and flutters your heart. Like seeing an aircraft battle group returning from a combat deployment. Or Sully landing that airplane on a river.

Today, in Houston, we saw what the whole world saw: Americans are at their best when circumstances are at their worst. When the universe spits in our eye, we don’t blink. We rescue, recover, rebuild, and rejoice.

“Congratulations,” is what President Trump told everyone he met. Congratulations for showing such fortitude and resilience. Congratulations for rising to the occasion. Congratulations for letting the natural born hero inside you come out.

To the many service members President Trump met at Ellington Air Base, he said, “thank you.” Hundreds of times, he said “thank you. The whole world is watching.” President Trump shook hundreds of service member’s hands. Hands that have pulled tens of thousands of lives to safety in the last week. Hands that previously sent evil enemies to the gates of hell. American hands equally capable of fierce brutality in war and velvety compassion in tragedy.

American hands.

And President Trump shook them all.

Today, I saw America in living color. The first time she looked so sharp and clear and strong in decades. Today, I saw the America of my dreams. The America I served. The America my father served. The America my sons serve.

Today, our flag flies higher, our hearts beat prouder, and hope for the future burns brighter than in years.

America is back.