August 31, 2017

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Who Can Stop the Antifa Caliphate?

Yesterday, I explained the military strategy behind Antifa’s remarkable growth.

In case you didn’t realize it, Antifa has effectively shut down grass roots conservative speech. You cannot hold a public rally, march, or carnival if your views conflict with Antifa’s.

Antifa has established a small caliphate in North America. Just like ISIS did in Syria and Iraq.

And the government’s doing absolutely nothing about it. You should read my military strategy post and all the links. They’re important.

The government’s not doing anything about this state within a state.

Conservatives can’t do anything about it. We can help, but we can’t do it alone.

The NRA, the National Review, and Tucker Carlson can’t do anything about.

The GOP won’t do anything about it. Hell, Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, and John McCain are Antifa allies. Try to find a single GOP leader willing denounce Antifa. Will Ann Wagner?

But one group can save us from the Antifa caliphate. An unlikely group. A group you’d never believe could be the heroes of this terrifying story.

Who’s this group? Who will save America? Who will preserve Western Civilization? Christendom? Judaism?

Not the Right.

Not the Center.

Not the Great “Undecided” Voter.

No, if you want to be saved, look left, young man. Look left.

The left can save us.

Not the “leftists.” Not the progressives. They’re on Antifa’s side. (Until Antifa turns on them.)

But liberals.

Our friendly liberals.

Liberals like Alan Dershowitz.

Liberals like Dennis Prager.

Liberals like the great campus free-speech activists of the 1960s.


Liberals who believe in the power of ideas.

Liberals who believe their ideas are so excellent that open debate can only help their cause.

Liberals who say “I’m okay; you’re okay.” (Progressives say, “I’m okay, you’re wrong, and you’ll be punished for your wrongness.")

Oh, how I long for the liberalism of my youth.

Once upon a time, I argued for hours in the Caf at Fontbonne or the Rat at Wash U. Arguing with liberals.

We’d argue about Reagan. We’d argue about the military. We’d argue about William F. Buckley. We’d argue about art and literature and philosophy and the price of beer and the virtues of rap music and Indica vs. sativa.

Sometimes, we’d get angry, me and those long-lost liberals. We’d be mad at each other. We’d shout. We’d raise our voices. We’d call in friends for support. We’d rope in strangers for support.

Then a cute girl would walk by and we’d forget the argument, induce her to join us, and sit with our puny arms draped over the back of the chair to make our biceps look bigger. (It totally works.)

That doesn’t happen anymore. (Well, I still have tricks to make my biceps look bigger.)

If tomorrow I woke up my 19-year-old self, enrolled in a local college, wearing my Trump hoodie on my way to Rhetoric class, I’d get my ass beat before I got out of my 1970 Chevy Impala.

If I weren’t beat up, I’d get hauled before some Soviet-style Central Committee for Community Sensibilities where a parade of my peers would fabricate a long string of offenses I’d supposedly committed. Offenses against humanity. Offenses from which They Must Be Protected!

Hate speech.

Hate hats.

Hate hoodies.

Hate! Hate! Hate!

The Comitet* would find me guilty of offending Millennials and sentence me to banishment from the campus, loss of my scholarship, and acceleration of my library fines.

In 1983, liberals encouraged and demanded free speech. Conservatives did, too. We defended each other against attempts to shut down free speech.

In 2017, free speech is crime. A crime punishable by vigilantes and terrorist Antifa thugs.

I think America still contains a few good liberals. I know. I heard Alan Dershowitz on Adam Carolla recently. I hear Dennis Prager on Carolla all the time.

William F. Buckley’s best friend was socialist (and liberal) Professor John Kenneth Galbraith. They sailed together, vacationed together, and argued together. They agreed on almost nothing political. But they appreciated each other’s company, brilliance, and right to promote their beliefs.

Buckley and Galbraith each believed his ideas were superior. They each believed their own ideas, given proper exposure, would sway huge numbers to their side.

[Read Buckley’s obituary for Galbraith. It will warm your heart.]

Only Buckley was right. (Reagan won. Galbraith died before American voters elected George McGovern.)

Today, they’d both be hunted down, beaten, and possibly killed by Antifa. Buckley for being a “Nazi.” Galbraith for hanging around with him.

(Buckley threatened to punch Gore Vidal in the nose for calling Buckley a Nazi. Buckley was a WWII vet. On our side.)

Conservatives can’t win this battle alone.

We need the liberals.

I miss the liberals.

Send in the liberals.

*Comitet is a rough phonetic spelling of the common Russian term for the Committee for State Security.