"We Are Killing Terrorists"

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Elections have consequences.

One consequence that we’ve all experienced: when you elect a street fighter, you get street fights.

Another consequence that terrorists are experiencing: when you elect a street-fighter patriot, terrorists die.

President Trump tonight reminded so many of us why we elected him. Because he’s a street fighter. Because he’s a patriot. Because there are bad people who wish us harm, and Donald Trump is okay with killing them.

I am okay with killing them, too. By the scores. By the barrel. By the megaton. By any means necessary. Kill those terrorist bastards, kill them all.

Tonight, President Trump delivered the best speech of his life. As a veteran, this speech made me wish I could go back in. (I’m a little too old.)

Trump’s speech was moving, inspirational, and, most shockingly, humble.

I’m normally against incursions, but I’m down with this. I’m down with Trump.

I wasn’t against incursions when I was younger. But I have two sons serving right now. One in Guam. Another in the Persian Gulf. I pray for them every day. I pray to see them again. I pray they serve well, but I know they will. I pray for the day get to take the two blue stars off my window. And never replace them with a gold one. Some might say I sort of have skin in this game.

Either of them could end up involved in Trump’s Afghanistan strategy. But I firmly believe that this president and this cabinet can do what their predecessors failed to do. Trump and Mattis can wipe out the terrorists. So I’m down.

One line meant a lot to me.


“We are not nation building again. We are killing terrorists.

That’s what it’s all about.

Killing the fucking terrorists. Wherever they might hide.