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Who’s a Racist?

So many people say it’s okay for Antifa to beat people they don’t like. Tim Cook says it. Mitt Romney says it. It’s easy to agree with them. It’s easy to say, “I hate racists and Nazis. I’m glad somebody’s taking the initiative and beating them with clubs.”

Many people feel that way. Many people feel it’s good and just to beat and maim wicked people. Especially people who hold wicked beliefs. It’s easy say, “we should declare open season on those skinheads and Nazi racists.” You might have said it yourself.

I know the feeling. Back in 2010, some skinheads and Nazis showed up at a St. Louis Tea Party event in Clayton. We had to humiliate them with signs. The Tea Party was non-violent, so no one laid a hand on them. But we walked around them with signs that said “Fake Tea Partier” and stuff.

Reporters from RFT and St. Louis Post-Dispatch may have paid those Nazis to show up at our event. So the press could photograph them. The Post and RFT really wanted everybody to believe that we were racists and Nazis. They couldn’t get us to say anything racist, because we’re not. So maybe they resorted to going to Rent-a-Nazi. To frame us.

But it didn’t work. Big Government told us how to prepare. We were too smart for the Post. We had signs ready. We surrounded their hired stooge with “Fake Tea Partier” and “Nazi Infiltrator” signs. The signs had arrows that pointed at the stooge. We surrounded their stooge. You couldn’t take a photo of their Nazi stooge without also getting a “Fake Tea Partier” sign in the shot. It was brilliant.

Finally, the Nazi stooge, or Nazi impersonator, left in humiliation. I think Hoft mocked him from the stage. Everybody cheered. From The Gateway Pundit, April 16, 2010:

The sign pointing down at the white supremist [sic] plant was from the Big Government tool kit. It came in handy. The infiltrator scurried off after he was confronted by several patriots including local blogger Adam Sharp who got up in his face. “Just know that you’re not going to come here and pretend that you’re with us.” Adam told the plant. Adam was fearless. The hater left shortly after the confrontation.
Adam’s parting words… “GO HOME NAZI.”

Here’s Adam Sharp’s post. And video:

The sad thing is, Lindsey Graham and Mitt Romney and Tim Cook would be happy if Antifa beat up us Tea Partiers. Because Graham, Romney, and Cook think Tea Partiers are all Nazis. Or they’re afraid to disagree with alt-left thugs who might beat their lilly-white asses.

The problem with unleashing goons to beat the wicked is that the goons get to decide who’s wicked and who’s not. Tea Partiers don’t go to events that welcome Nazi and white supremacists. Or black supremacists. Or any other kind of supremacists. Except, maybe, idea supremacists. We’d welcome groups that wanted great ideas to win.

But Antifa treats libertarians and Republicans and Tea Partiers as one big blob of Nazis. The Post-Dispatch’s editorial board does, too. And if society says it’s okay for Antifa to beat people Antifa doesn’t like, you and I and millions of others are fair game. Hell, I might as well wear a “Kick me, I’m a Tea Partier” sign.

Before you say “hell, yes” to beating up people you disagree with, remember this: the beaters are the judges. The beaters are the jury. The beaters are the executioners. You don’t get a veto. You don’t get a vote. They’ll beat whoever they damn well please.

If you found yourself cheering for Antifa to beat a Nazi, you should forgive yourself. It’s sort of a natural reaction. We wanted to beat up that Nazi in 2010, too.

But before you sign a petition to let Antifa free the land of racists and Nazis, consider this: you might be on their list of racists and Nazis. Along with your spouse, your kids, and your parents.

Beating up people who disagree with you is a fascist tactic. Fascism is colorblind.

Vigilantism doesn’t end racism. It ends civilization.

Author: William Hennessy

Co-founder of St. Louis Tea Party Coalition and Nationwide Chicago Tea Party Persuasive design expertLatest book: Turning On Trump: An Evolution (2016)Author of The Conservative Manifest (1993), Zen Conservatism (2009), Weaving the Roots (2011), and Fight to Evolve (2016)I believe every person deserves the dignity of meaningful work as the only path to human flourishing.

2 Comments on “Who’s a Racist?

  1. The propaganda media, DemonRATS and RINOs want to side with the Black lies Mob and the fascist anarchists, who call themselves the “antifa” and want anything to do with the Confederacy removed thus erasing history, because they say the Neo-Nazis support the monuments staying where they are. The irony is those calling for the removal is what the NAZIs did, as well as ISIS and the Taliban.

  2. In case you forgot what and who the DemonRATS sided with between actual Patriots of the Tea Party movement and the George Soros paid for Occupy Wallstreet anarchists: The Statists View on the Tea Party v. Occupy Movement
    Some people want to compare the Occupy movement with the Tea Party. The only comparison I see is they are groups of people and that’s where the comparison ends because the differences between them are they have different agendas. The Tea Party does not want America to be TRANSFORMED into a Socialist/Communist state, whereas, the Occupy crowd does. The Tea Party talks about self reliance and limited government, whereas the Occupy movement wants to end Capitalism and expand government. The Tea Party has been vilified by the Statists and the Mainstream Media, by being called condescending and defamatory names such as extremists and terrorists in order to marginalize and silence them. Whereas the Occupy movement has been embraced by the Statists and the Mainstream Media.
    It was Barack Hussein Obama who said he wanted to TRANSFORM America. Unfortunately, not enough people asked into what. True Americans do NOT want their country turned into a Socialist State. The Statists were uncivil and condescending when they rammed Obamacare through Congress against the wishes of the majority of the American people, but there was no mention of their unruly actions in the so-called Main Stream Media.
    According to the Statists and the so-called Mainstream Media the Tea Party are “Terrorists,” among other things. As expected, they embrace the Occupy Movement. Let’s compare the rhetoric from them regarding both groups. The following are statements made by them regarding the Occupy Movement:
    Barack Obama: “I think it expresses the frustrations that the American people feel. We understand their struggles. And we are on their side. In some ways they’re not that different from some of the protests that we saw coming from the Tea Party.”
    Joe Biden: Re: Occupy Movement, “I really don’t know about the Van Jones group, except what I read in the press. I don’t disrespect the tea party. I think the tea party and the Van Jones folks are different halves of the same concern.”Biden continued: “You have on one end Van Jones’s guys, whoever he is, talking about Wall Street.”Suddenly, both Harris and his co-host Tedd Webb laughed and reminded Biden that Jones was the “Green czar” in the administration. “Oh, is that… alright.”
    Nancy Pelosi: “And God bless them for their spontaneity. You know, it’s an independent, people coming. It’s young, it’s spontaneous, it’s focused and it’s going to be effective.”
    Van Jones: “The best people, the best people in our country right now, the most selfless are down there on Wall Street standing up against the most selfish.”
    Maxine Waters: “The incidents of crime are merely a “distraction” from the Occupiers’ ultimate goal. Let me just say this: Anytime you have a gathering, homeless people are going to show up.They will find some comfort in having some other people out on the streets with them. They’re looking for food. Often times, the criminal element will invade. That’s life and it happens, whether it’s with protesters or other efforts that go on in this country. So I’m not deterred in my support for them because of these negative kinds of things. I just want them to work at doing the best job that they can do to bring attention to this economic crisis and the unfairness of the system at this time.”
    And then there’s and the Tea Party:
    Barack Hussein Obama’s response regarding Joe Biden’s Tea Party are terrorists: “Now, in fairness, since I’ve been called a socialist who wasn’t born in this country, who is destroying America and taking away its freedoms because I passed a health care bill, I’m all for lowering the rhetoric.”
    Vice President Joe Biden: “The Tea Party Republicans are acting like ‘Terrorists.’”
    VP Joe Biden: “This is a different kind of fight. This is a fight for the existence of organized labor. You are the only folks keeping the barbarians [Tea Party] at the gate. That’s why they want you so bad.”
    Nancy Pelosi: Re:The Tea Party, “I think they are Astro-turf, you be the judge of carrying swastikas and symbols like that to a town meeting on healthcare.”
    Bob Beckel of Fox News contributor: “the Tea Terrorist Party.”
    Steven Rattner of Morning Joe: “The Tea Party Guys are like strapped with dynamite in Times Square at rush hour and say you are going to do it my way or we will blow you up and ourselves and the whole country with us.”
    Mika Brzezinski: “Are they so stuck to their little contract and the Tea Party that they can’t even think outside the box for the good of the country?”
    Mika Brzezinski: “The Tea Party—their ability to hold us hostage, our economy hostage… You can blame the Tea Party for part of that. They [Tea Party] didn’t care about the external consequences.”
    Chris Matthews of Hardball: “The GOP has become the Wahabi’s of American Government willing to risk bringing down the whole country in the service of their anti-tax ideology.”
    Margaret Carlson of Bloomberg News: “They (Tea Party) strapped explosives to the Capitol and they think they are immune to it.”
    Tina Brown of News Week: “The Tea Party is equal to ‘Suicide Bombers.’”
    Thomas Friedman of New York Times: “The Tea Party is Hezbollah.”
    Peter Goodman of Huffington Post: “The Tea Party acts like ‘Terrorists.’”
    Maxine Waters, “The Tea Party can go straight to hell.”
    William Yeoman of CNN: “The Tea Party faction in the House are ‘Full Blown Terrorists.’”
    Fareed Zakaria of CNN: “The Tea Party wants to blow up the country.”
    Paul Krugman of New York Times: “The Tea Party wants to blow up the economy.”
    David Brooks of New York Times: “The Tea Party has no sense of moral decency.”
    Jimmy Hoffa: “President Obama, this is your army, we are ready to march. But everybody here’s got to vote. If we go back, and keep the eye on the prize, let’s take these son-of-a-bitches [Tea Party] out.”
    The Statists are the ones who are un-American and attack the Tea Party Patriots with ad hominem attacks demonizing them in an effort to silence them, because the FACTS do not back them up. Tea Party people are Patriotic Americans who are concerned about their country. Tea Party people want their leaders to follow the Constitution; they want limited Government; less taxes and for Government to control and cut spending. They want to encourage people to be self reliant and less dependent on Government. On the other hand, the Statists want the United States to continue on the path to Bankruptcy with their out of control spending and their ‘Cradle to Grave’ ideology; wherein they coerce people to be more dependent on Government in order to garner votes to stay in POWER. Whose side do you want to be on?

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