July 29, 2017

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Foxconn's Hiring and Mooch Is Safe

You know it’s coming. Some fake news hack will claim the whole Foxconn-Wisconsin deal was a plot to find a new job for Reince Priebus.

Reince Priebus, the erstwhile White House chief of staff who prides himself on blocking deplorables from the White House posts they deserve, has been relieved of duties. He’s on his way back to native Wisconsin where Foxconn is building a $10 billion plant. Maybe Foxconn needs an establishment-connected middle manager. Reince’ll do.

[If you took “under,” you Won!]


The other news of the day: Anthony Scaramucci’s wife is filing for divorce. Totally uncorroborated sources blame Mooch’s loyalty to Trump for the failed marriage. Maybe. But even if Mrs. Scaramucci blamed Trump, assume other factors were involved. Divorce is complicated. People don’t always know exactly why. But healthy marriages can thrive despite political differences. Unhealthy marriages use politics as an excuse.

Whatever the cause of divorce, don’t expect to see Scaramucci leaving the White House soon. Thanks to Ryan Lizza, the reporter who went on-record with Anthony Scaramucci’s off-the-record comments. Those comments included references to Reince Priebus’s paranoid schizophrenia and Steve Bannon’s auto-felatio dreams. In the revealing article, Lizza undoubtedly sealed Scaramucci’s fate as Trump’s favorite advisor. With this passage:

I got the sense that Scaramucci’s campaign against leakers flows from his intense loyalty to Trump. Unlike other Trump advisers, I’ve never heard him say a bad word about the President.

You can’t make a person more beautiful in Trump’s eyes. Look what Lizza said:

*1. Scaramucci is intensely loyal to Trump. *2. Everyone else in the White House has said a “bad word” about Trump. *3. Scaramucci never said a “bad word” about Trump.

Trump’s love of loyalty is legendary. Scaramucci appears to be more loyal to Trump than to his marriage.

Which is exactly the kind of loyalty Trump needs. The kind of loyalty America needs right now.

I may not know much, but I’m something of an expert on divorce.

If divorce had been as available and as accepted in 1776 as it is in 2017, many founders' wives would have left their husbands over the schism with Britain. Believe me. Not all. Not even most. But many.

We’d all praise those founders who pressed on in their quest for freedom despite their crumbling marriages. Believe me. Everyone who ever waved a Gadsden flag at a Tea Party rally would celebrate those founders who put life, liberty, and property before tranquil domestic life.

And we’d label as “traitors” and “pussy-whipped” any would-be founder who flipped back to the British side because his wife told him to. (Just ask Benedict Arnold, who turned traitor largely to appease his “loyalist” wife.)

Add it all up, and this was another fantastic week for President Trump.

** A swamp-dwelling chief or staff left the White House ** A swamp-dwelling Senator McCain exposed himself as such ** The most loyal lieutenant a man could ask for emerged

That stench you smell isn’t the White House’s dirty laundry; **it’s the rotting corpses of vermin from the draining swamp. **