June 4, 2017

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Shark-Jumping Update: the Left Is Losing It

Previously on Hennessy’s View:

Because of tolerance, it’s getting harder and harder to make people laugh with Trump jokes. Everybody’s heard them all. So comedians have to ramp up the shock factor. And they have been. And it was working.

Until Kathy Griffin went too far.

Comedians and leftist news people are bound to go too far. It’s bio-chemical response. And now, so many leftists are in a race to the top on excess and insanity. Even the horrible Washington Post has noticed.

The story tells you what probably already know. Bill Maher is in trouble for using the N word Friday night. Stephen Colbert is in trouble for a gay slur directed at Trump. And, of course, Kathy Griffin’s career is over for beheading Trump as a joke.

This was all to be expected. Comedians and commentators get a dopamine rush when people laugh at their jokes or approve of their rhetoric. But when they stick to one topic too long, the only way to keep getting the same feedback is to make their jokes and rhetoric stronger. The same way smokers increase to a pack a day. In the brain, nicotine addition is almost identical to laughter addiction.

You’re seeing society say, “enough is enough.” Especially in light of the horrible terrorist attacks in London and Manchester.

People are ready for election season to be over. They’re ready to** hear less about the president and Congress**. They’re ready to get back to work. **They want better jobs and more employment options**. They want less crime and safer streets.

In short, people want the benefits of having elected Donald Trump and a Republican Congress. They want less of the process that should have ended last November. And everybody’s sick of hearing about Russia.

So, comedians can find new topics or find themselves getting real jobs. Their tickets to the Trump train expired last week.