March 25, 2017

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Antibiotic-Resistent Bacterium: Obamacare

Overexposure to antibiotics and antibacterial soaps and lotions makes bacteria stronger. They adapt.

That same thing happened to Obamacare over the years. It’s now untouchable.

** Obamacare survived the election of Scott Brown in Massachusetts. So it was born in a toxic environment. ** Then, Obamacare survived two Supreme Court rulings, each time by a single vote from the chief justice. ** Finally, Obamacare survived seven years of Republican promises to repeal it immediately upon winning the White House and Congress. That’s like bacteria surviving an antibiotic cocktail crafted specifically to attack that particular bacterium.

Obamacare now looks impervious to Republican chemotherapy.

Here’s what will happen now.

** Premiums will continue rise by 20% or more every year. Deductibles will rise. Healthcare will become more expensive. Insurers will continue to pull out of markets. Many Americans will have no choice of carriers. Obamacare will explode. ** Democrats will ask the White House and Congressional Republicans for help. The media will portray Republicans as heartless savages who eat the still-beating hearts of the fallen poor. ** As the 2018 mid-terms approach, establishment Republicans will demand improvements to keep Obamacare alive. A few dozen Democrats in the House and Senate will work with Republican moderates to craft Obamacare fixes. The House Freedom Caucus will fight tooth and nail, but enough Democrats will cross the aisle to neutralize the Freedom Caucus’s strength. ** The compromise legislation will include many of the deregulatory features promised in phases two and three of the Ryan plan. But the beating heart of Obamacare will beat on.

Republicans' seven-year promise of repealing the bill that grew the Tea Party from an eruption to a movement will die a quiet death. When President Trump talks about Obamacare exploding and how he’ll fix it, he’s talking about a fix that will make the just-defeated bill look like something Murray Rothbard hatched.

If we’re lucky, a vibrant American economy with jobs galore and lower taxes will make this healthcare debacle a minor blip. In other words, expect exactly what Scott Adams predicted Tuesday: