January 22, 2017

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Breaking: San Antonio Mall Shooting: One Dead, Six Wounded, Armed Citizen Shot Murderer

A Good Samaritan was shot and killed and three shot in a “robbery gone very wrong” at Rolling Oaks Mall in San Antonio, Texas Sunday afternoon about 3:30 p.m. Two others transported to hospitals with other medical conditions. One suspect is still at large and assumed armed and dangerous.

The dead man was a shopper who attempted to stop two robbers after they robbed a Kay Jewelers store in the mall. One of the suspects shot the citizen. A second citizen with a concealed weapon permit then shot the robber who fired the fatal shot. The second robber then fled scene, apparently shooting two other victims. Meanwhile, one woman went into labor during the incident and another was taken to the hospital with chest pains.

@SATXPolice & Live Oak PD searching for 2nd suspect in deadly shooting @RollingOaksMall. Plz report any info u may have. @COSAGOV

— Mayor Ivy R Taylor (@IvyRTaylor) January 22, 2017

San Antonio Police Chief William McManus reports on fatal shooting at San Antonio’s Rolling Oaks Mall:

** Robbery: Two men robbed a Kay Jewelers store ** One Dead: a good Samaritan who tried to apprehend the two suspects was shot and killed by one of the suspects ** One Suspect Shot: Another good Samaritan with a CCW shot the suspect who killed the first good Samaritan ** Four Shot Total: Three wounded, including one of the suspects, and one killed, the good Samaritan

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UPDATE: Status of the wounded:

** One priority one wounded, a male transported: the suspect who was shot by the good Samaritan ** Two priority two wounded and transported to hospitals ** Two others also transported to hospitals who were not shot. One was chest pains, the other a woman in labor ** One male DOA: the good Samaritan who initially tried to apprehend the robbers


Initial reports of six shot were incorrect. San Antonio Fire Department transported six people to hospitals. Four were shot, two were other medical conditions.

Of the four shooting victims, one was a suspect in the robbery of Kay Jewelers who was shot by an armed citizen with a concealed carry permit. The citizen shot the suspect after the suspect shot a man who tried to apprehend the robbers. The good Samaritan who attempted to intervene is dead. The robber who was shot has been taken to a hospital in priority one condition.

Note: I am covering this story because there was remarkable little information about the shooting available on major media sites. Thought someone should cover the story.