November 13, 2016

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3 Ways President Trump Changes Everything

Trump’s win is far bigger than the vote. As British General Cornwallis said at the end of  the movie ‘The Patriot,’ “Everything will change . . . everything has changed.”

If you’ve been thinking about policy, you’re thinking really, really small. Trump’s influence is way bigger. Here are three ways Trump will change America for a generation.

A Change of Uniform

Since the late 1990s, American business and social life have gone uber casual. That’s about to change. As I predicted awhile back, some big company famous for casual dress will impose a new dress code that looks like Mad Men. Women will dress better. Men will dress better. You might find yourself uncomfortably underdressed at some social event very soon.

Did you see how the Trump kids looked at the convention? They looked great, didn’t they? And they were all in semi-formal attire. You never see them in casual attire. It’s as if they were born in suits and dresses.

That influence will hit the back of people’s brains, and people will start dressing up more. Watch. Look around at church in a few weeks and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Count the number of men in ties every day, and the number will start trending up soon. So you might want to go shopping.

A Change of Family

America and much of the Western world have seen record low birth rates and fertility rates for years. That’s about to change. Family formation and childbirth is about to skyrocket.

Donald Trump exudes fertility. He’s married to a smoking hot former model who’s in her 40s but looks 15 years younger. And the Trump kids remind you of fertility. Ivanka has more kids than the average American already, and she might not be done. And they all look great.

Trump drops sexually suggestive words and phrases into his speeches and comments all the time. You don’t cognitively think “sex,” but the part of your brain responsible for sex drive catches those bombs. You can’t help but think about mating more often. The same thing happened when Kennedy took office, and the birth rate actually surged from 1962 to 1964 before petering out.

Those rising fertility rates will have a huge impact on the economy. Bigger than any policy change. Trump will get credit for the economy, but not for the birthrate. You’ve read it here, though, so you’ll know what happened.

A Change of Legacy

Every president since Richard Nixon has established a legacy based on very ethereal accomplishments like legislation and programs. Nixon’s was détente. Barack Obama had ObamaCare and the Iran nuclear deal.  W had TARP and No Child Left Behind. The exception to this soft-legacy trend was Reagan who’s remembered for tearing down the Berlin Wall even though that happened after Reagan left office. We all know Ronnie swung the first sledge hammer.

Donald Trump is not a legislator. He’s a builder. He is going to build a legacy that can’t be overturned by the next Congress. Trump plans to do what he’s always done: build amazing things. He’s going to build a wall and he’s going to rebuild a lot of infrastructure. Stuff that sticks around. Stuff you can put people’s names on. Names like Gingrich, Carson, Giuliani, and, of course T R U M P.

Trump’s legacy is not only Congress-proof, it’s concrete. Brick and mortar.  You’ll be able to use Trump’s legacy. Plus, you need people to build things, so Trump will put a lot of people to work. A lot of jobs for the kind of people who normally vote Democrat but decided to take a chance on the Republican Trump this time. When Trump said “make America great again,” he meant it, and he meant you’ll be able see America’s greatness with your own eyes. That’s incredibly bold.

If you don’t think America’s in for some major changes, just remember this post the next time you buy a tie or a pair of dress shoes. Or when you hear somebody’s getting married. Or having a baby.