President Trump

Entrepreneur vs. Empress

Adam Carolla noticed something I didn’t.

Carolla’s first reaction to the election results was this. Hillary Clinton built herself a Logan’s Run type palace for her would-be coronation. Donald Trump accepted the presidency in a room that might double as a Hometown Buffet.

Put another way, here’s what the winner’s auditorium:

Image clipped from UPI
Image clipped from UPI

And here’s the winner’s ballroom:


Let that contrast sink in.

Every penny of the Clintons’ hundreds of millions came from taxpayers one way or another.

Donald Trump made billions building things in the private sector.

Hillary spent a fortune to honor herself.

Trump spent a little, and it all honors America.

Those conservatives who never jumped onto the Trump train should take heart. If Donald Trump runs government as frugally as he ran his campaign, the budget deficit might go away in 2018.

And everyone should ask themselves this: who was the narcissist in this race?

Author: William Hennessy

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