November 7, 2016

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Blank Slate

A few people have called me tonight to ask my prediction on the election. They know I’ve predicted a Trump landslide. They want to know if I stand by it.

My answer: blank slate.

I have no expectations. None. I have preferences, but no expectations.

It’s kind of silly to expect something you have little or no control over. I have no control over James Comey or Loretta Lynch, much less the millions of American and non-Americans who will vote. I have no control over Barack Obama who swore to defend the Constitution of the United States but decided to encourage non-citizens to vote illegally. I can’t control criminals. It’s what makes them criminals.

I have no prediction for Tuesday. Maybe Trump wins. Maybe not. The Democrats (even the ones you know, your family) believe breaking the law is okay when elections are involved. They cheat. We can’t control that. We can control our response.

Our response must be cold, calm, and calculated. Think of Kurt Warner and how the game slowed down for him. Everybody else is moving in slow motion, but you and I can move at full speed.

That’s the state we’re in.

I’ll leave you with a great quote from Christopher Hitchens.

I should perhaps confess that on September 11 last, once I had experienced all the usual mammalian gamut of emotions, from rage to nausea, I also discovered that another sensation was contending for mastery. On examination, and to my own surprise and pleasure, it turned out be exhilaration. Here was the most frightful enemy–theocratic barbarism–in plain view….I realized that if the battle went on until the last day of my life, I would never get bored in prosecuting it to the utmost.

Should we wake up on Wednesday to President-Elect Clinton, we’ll probably all feel what Hitch felt on 9/11. Rage. Nausea. And, finally, exhilaration. We’ll have an enemy to fight. A wicked, heartless, and sickly enemy.

It will be our new battle. And we will never get bored in prosecuting it to the utmost, even to the last days of our lives.

It will be okay.