October 31, 2016

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Seems Like Obama Is Tired of Hillary's S***

You might have dated someone who was amazingly good looking. Everything’s great. For awhile. Then you get to know the person. A little too well. Maybe it’s on a weekend trip. Or, God forbid, when you move in together. Then you realize looks aren’t everything.

The same thing can happen in political “marriages.” That surface quality that attracted you—donors, influence, contacts, whatever—sometimes isn’t worth the price.

Just ask Barack Obama.

You probably expected President Obama to jump on the “Comey is Satan” bandwagon. After all, the entire Democrat Nation has been reading from the exact same talking points memo: FBI Director James Comey is trying to throw the election to Donald Trump.

reality **Barack Obama hired Hillary as Secretary of State. Obama defended her throughout the investigation of her rogue email server. He endorsed her. He’s campaigned with her. **

So any logical person would expect Obama to defend Hillary by attacking Comey. Surely, Robbie Mook emailed the President a copy of the talking points memo.

But Obama’s not playing. At least, not yet.

Today, the White House reaffirmed its faith in James Comey’s integrity and professionalism, specifically rejecting the Democrat talking point that Comey is trying to affect the election.

From Presidential spokesman John Earnest via Zerohedge:

“President Obama doesn’t think Comey tried to influence the election."


“Obama still believes Comey has ‘good character’"

Now contrast that with Harry Reid’s accusation. Reid accused Comey of violating the Hatch Act which prohibits federal employees from campaigning for candidates. (If only that law were ever enforced.)

So what gives?

Some people say Obama is simply being Presidential. He’s taking the high ground in public. Maybe Obama asked himself “What would George H.W. Bush do?” If so, Obama got it right. Establishment Republicans always go all squishy.

**But do you remember Obama taking the high ground before? **

This is the same Barack Obama who berated the Supreme Court during a State of the Union address. This is the same Obama who mocked the Tea Party. This is the same Obama who inspired an article calling him “abuser in chief.” You’ll find in that article how Obama used frivolous lawsuits to clear his path to election to the Illinois Senate. And that was just the start.

When confronted with a challenge, Obama drops decorum faster than Anthony Weiner drops his pants.

I think Obama, like you and me, has grown sick and tired of Hillary’s crap. He’s trying to build a legacy, yet the Wikileaks show that Hillary sucked her former boss into her web of crime and lies. Obama corresponded with Hillary using an alias. Obama knew the email server was illegal, but he was afraid to cross the woman. So he gave in.

Now, Hillary is destroying his image along with her own. Obama sees that the Clinton stain runs deep. And it stinks. And he’s sick of it. Like so many who’ve worked with the Clintons, Barack Obama is tired of fixing her screw-ups.

So Obama undermined Hillary’s entire narrative. He told the American people “don’t believe what she’s telling you about James Comey.” In the process, he’s signaled his supporters (i.e., young people and blacks) that “you can’t trust this woman.”

No matter how good Hillary looked in 2008, Obama has grown sick of her crap.