October 31, 2016

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Have Voters Priced In Clinton's Criminality?

You never expect a candidate’s surrogates to tell you their candidate is a crook. But that’s exactly what Hillary’s surrogates are telling you now.

From Bill Richardson to Robby Mook, Clinton surrogates are reciting a strange and disturbing talking point: Voters have “baked in” Clinton’s life of crime.

[FLASHBACK: I gave James Comey the benefit of the doubt in July]

The talking point seems meant to keep Democrats from panicking over the FBI’s re-opened criminal investigation of Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation. I guess the talking point’s author thinks voters are like the stock market. When bad news about the economy strikes, analysts say the news was “priced in” to stocks already, so there’s no need to sell.

Democrats are saying that corruption and crime are synonymous with the Clinton brand, and people are okay with that? People who vote for Hillary know they’re voting for a hardened criminal. Apparently, these people prefer crooks over honest candidates.

That’s terrifying when you think about it. It means that voters, especially women, have no morals or scruples. They’re okay with committing felonies to get what they want.

I think Richardson and Mook are wrong. I think American people, including women, reject crime. And I think huge numbers of American voters will turn against crooked Hillary in the next week. A poll shows that 34 percent of voters are less likely to vote for Hillary because of these crimes.

Good people don’t elect crooks like Clinton, and everybody wants to be a good person, don’t you?