October 20, 2016

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Democrats Rig Every Election

Donald Trump is taking exactly the right approach on the upcoming rigged election.

Every election since 1960 has involved massive election rigging by Democrats. They laugh about it privately and act all offended by the accusation in public.

Republicans let it happen. Republicans like John McCain believe they have a “duty” to concede even if an election is rigged. They called “honorable.” But conceding a rigged election is actually a moral failing. John McCain lost by a ton, so there was no need for him fight on. He loss was outside the margin of fraud. But many others weren’t.

This election is already rigged. Trump’s challenge is to win beyond the margin of fraud. If he can’t do that, he has a moral duty fight like a dog. I believe he will because of one guy in his corner.

Roger Stone is the only Republican alive who fights like Democrat. Stone led George W. Bush’s fight for Florida in 2000. He will lead Trump’s fight for America in 2016 if necessary.

Let’s not make it necessary. Based on past performance, the Clintons would assassinate a lot of people in that fight, and I am against murder.