Justice Obama

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If Hillary Clinton wins, Barack Obama will take Antonin Scalia’s seat on the Supreme Court.

You NeverTrump cowards need to go read everything you’ve written about Barack Obama. Read what you said about his sick dream to fundamentally transform America. Read everything you’ve written about his hatred of American exceptionalism.

But go deeper. Stop being cowards for ten minutes and recall what you’ve said and thought about Barack Obama. In private conversations. While reading an article in National Review or Wall Street Journal.

And then admit that your vote for Hillary or for some loser 3rd party candidate is a vote to replace Scalia with Obama.

Think about it.

Why is Obama using the full power of the United States to help elect Hillary? They hate each other.

Obama wants the court, and Hillary will give it to him.

On this measure, Hillary is 10 times the deal-maker Trump is.

Trump has honor.

Trump is a patriot.

Trump would never make that deal.

But Hillary would.

And you would if you don’t vote for Trump.

NeverTrumpers sicken me.