Clinton vs. Trump on Women

Donald Trump’s Access Hollywood audio has a lot of people cringing. Especially a lot of men who remember the things they’ve said about women around other men. And I’m talking about men you respect and admire like husbands and dads and brothers. Comedians know what I ‘m talking about.

I won’t bore you with the biology of it all, but you probably realize that men and women are fundamentally different. Especially when it comes to reproductive success.

Here’s how Daniel Tosh explains the difference.


Yes, men and women are different. But so are the Clintons from Trump.

Donald Trump got caught having a men’s locker room conversation with Billy Bush on a bus 11 years ago. From that, we learned two things: 1) Trump likes to kiss pretty women, and 2) pretty women let him.

Bill Clinton, on the other hand, rapes women, and his wife Hillary orchestrates public humiliation attacks on┬áBill’s victims.

If you think actions speak louder than words, you have to vote for Trump. If you like rape, you should vote for the Clintons. They do, too.



Author: William Hennessy

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