September 11, 2016

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Suddenly You Feel Sorry for Hillary

Maybe you felt a twinge of pity when you saw that video of Hillary Clinton’s scary collapse today. In a moment you’ll see who’s to blame, and it’s not Hillary. If you haven’t seen the disturbing video, here it is, h/t

You could write off your emotions to the emotions of the day. It’s the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. Your nerves are probably a bit frayed as you remember what you were doing when you realized that America was under attack.

The cold and heartless people might blame Hillary’s collapse on guilt. After all, today is also the 4th anniversary of the Islamist attack on our consulate in Benghazi–the one Hillary lied about early and often.

I can be cold and heartless, but not today. I feel sorry Hillary Clinton. She might be one of the victims here.  Let this sink into your mind to the point where you realize a great shell game has been going on before America’s eyes.

Hillary Clinton wants to be President. For someone with a huge ego and a thirst for power and control, that’s normal. But no one doubts that Hillary Clinton is physically unfit for the job. You can probably imagine her falling down the steps of Air Force One and landing at Vladimir Putin’s feet on a snowy tarmac in Moscow. In your mind, you can probably see her coughing for 4 minutes as a SEAL team stands in horrific danger awaiting the Go/No Go decision to take out a terrorist. You might be able to envision Hillary “short-circuiting” during an arms negotiation meeting with Iran.

Each of these scenarios, which now seem likely if Hillary were to win, would put American lives and prestige in extreme jeopardy. And how will you respond when our President collapses on the world stage? You don’t have to be aware of the danger you and your loved ones would be in at that point. The danger would become real soon enough.

As I was saying, though, Hillary’s just doing what power-hungry egomaniacs do. She’s clawing for the most powerful position in human history. Nothing unexpected. Seventeen Republicans tried the same thing.

What’s different is this: the natural watchdogs have gone to sleep on their watch. The press is asleep at the wheel. The Democratic Party has lost its drive for self-preservation. By sleeping on watch, the press and the DNC have put America at risk. But they’ve also put Hillary Clinton’s life at risk.

Sure, she has Secret Service protection. She probably has a team of doctors around her at all times. We’ve seen photos of the big guy with the EpiPen or whatever. He’s not Secret Service. He’s probably a psychiatrist or neurologist, judging by his use of seizure-response keywords when Clinton “short circuits” on stage. And one of her doctors diagnosed her with pneumonia on Friday but covered up her illness (h/t Gateway Pundit).

By allowing Clinton to get this far, the press and the DNC have pushed her into a world of activity and stress that is clearly more than her constitution can bear.** It’s as if Hillary is shaking apart before our eyes.**

Will Hillary make it to November 8? Could she possibly survive four years of the stress of being president? Look how it aged Barack Obama who was only in his 40s when he took office:


Imagine what Hillary’s condition would be after 8 years of investigations and impeachment trials. You might feel so sorry for her you vote for Trump.

If you want to be mad at anyone, be mad at the press and the DNC for failing to disclose Hillary’s frail health back when Democrat voters might have done something about it. The press and the DNC decided to cover up Hillary’s health problems, and now the free world could be at risk.

Sometimes people of Hillary’s ilk need others to stop them from hurting themselves. You might realize now how little Hillary does all day. She’s hiding out. As we learned today, her complete absence from the campaign trail in August was probably a matter of stamina and health, not a strategy of running out the clock.

It’s natural to feel sorry for a 69-year-old woman whose support network lies and covers up for her illness, putting her life in danger. It’s just as natural and normal to feel red-hot anger at those people who put her at risk. When someone you love shows signs of dementia, it’s normal to cover for them and make excuses. As the disease progresses, though, responsible people intervene to protect the sick person, the family, and the community.

I’m not saying Hillary has dementia or anything like it. I’m saying the selfish denial shown by the press and the DNC and even her family is just plain wrong.

Hillary Clinton needs tough love, and she needed it months ago. Maybe she needed tough love years ago, but definitely, before the primaries began.

Now, America has a tough choice. Everybody knows that voting for Clinton might be voting for a death sentence for her and others–like the people at the Benghazi consulate. Or the intelligence assets she accidentally disclosed through her insane and illegal email server.

If you want to be mad at someone, be mad at the press and the DNC for hiding Hillary’s health problems. But voting for Hillary will only make matters worse for her. And for America.

If you really care about people’s well-being, you have to vote for Trump. Hillary’s health is more important than party politics.

You might realize you need to know more about this Donald Trump. That’s why I wrote a book about it.