September 12, 2016

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How the Press Has Let Us Down

Earlier I said the press has covered up Hillary Clinton’s horrible health problems. The press (or media as some call it) now admit as much. But they’re trying to weasel out of their culpability. See this line from an otherwise sound article on Commentary:

 While most serious people dismissed the rumors about Clinton’s health that were being circulated by Donald Trump’s supporters, what happened Sunday morning will deepen suspicions both about her health and whether her campaign has been telling the truth about it.

The thing is, Hillary’s 9/11 seizure or collapse or fainting spell is NOT an isolated incident. Her collapse into the van wasn’t a one-off. Hillary stumbles, passes out, faints, falls, collapses All. The. Time! She coughs All. The. Time! We were not imagining this.

The “serious people” were wrong all along. Even if you were one of them.

You call people who point out Hillary’s obvious health problems “conspiracy theorists.” WRONG! We’re just pointing out the obvious.

Look, I know about confirmation bias. Your brains told you that only fit, healthy people run for president. So your brains blocked out images that contradicted your bias. If candidates are sound and steady, then the images that show Hillary as weak and sickly must be wrong. Must be doctored.

But that was just your brain lying to you. And your brain got a lot of help from the press.

Hillary is sick, and winning in November would probably make her even sicker. She is not physically fit to stand up to Putin and Black Lives Matter and China and North Korea. Hell, she can’t even stand up long enough for the car door to open.

Stop calling everything you don’t want to be true a “conspiracy theory." And start doubting everything you believe to be true. Because truth is nothing more than what you believe at the moment.