September 5, 2016

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Phyllis Schlafly, RIP

If you asked me to define Phyllis Schlafly, my answered would be: “She wanted to destroy the king makers.”

Phyllis Schlafly, the conservative icon who roared to national prominence with her 1964 classic, A Choice, Not an Echo, passed away today, September 5, 2016. She was 92.

Eagle Forum, the pro-family, pro-American organization Phyllis launched in 1974, said in a statement:

Phyllis Schlafly spent an astounding** 70 years in public service of her fellow Americans**. Her focus from her earliest days until her final ones was **protecting the family**, which she understood as the building block of life. She recognized America as the greatest political embodiment of those values. From military superiority and defense to immigration and trade; from unborn life to the nuclear family and parenthood, Phyllis Schlafly was **a courageous and articulate voice for common sense and traditional values**.

As you listen to the cruel, mean attacks on Phyllis from left and, most disturbingly, from the NeverTrump right, you will realize that only a woman of rare and remarkable strength could frighten and anger so many divergent people.

You, like me, probably take great pride in sharing the same hometown as a conservative icon like Phyllis Schafly. Like Jack Buck, Phyllis helped fix St. Louis in American minds

Phyllis remained relevant to the last months of her life. She jolted me into accepting Donald Trump back in December. As I wrote at the time:

Phyllis Schlafly has been one of my heroes since . . . I can remember. I disagree with Mrs. Schlafly on exactly one issue, which will remain between us. Like William F. Buckley, Phyllis is a conservative touchstone to whom we can turn with confidence that she will point us in the right direction.

. . .

If Trump’s good enough for Phyllis Schlafly, well, maybe Trump is good enough for me.

From The Gateway Pundit:

Phyllis Schlafly was a great American original. As a mother, lawyer, activist, author, columnist and friend she was like no other.

She will be deeply missed.

We love you, Phyllis!

Every time you hear Phyllis’s name, you’ll remember that her last, great battle and her last great book, co-authored with my friend Ed Martin, was to get Donald Trump elected President in 2016. (Read The Conservative Case for Trump.)

It’s frightening to know we’re the tip of the spear now. We don’t have Phyllis and Buckley and Kemp and the heroes of our youths to guide us, to take the first arrows, to tap the tiller when we’re standing into shoal waters.

But it’s comforting to know Phyllis led an exemplary life. We only have to imitate her to continue the mission. Thank you, Phyllis, for your life of service.

Eternal rest grant unto your servant, Phyllis, Lord. May perpetual light shine on her. May her soul, and the souls of all the faithful departed, through God’s mercy, rest in peace.