September 5, 2016

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Trump Surging Up, Up, and Away

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Politico announced Tuesday: Clinton’s Advisors Tell Her to Prep for a Landslide

Inquisitor said the same day: Hillary Clinton Campaign Preparing for a Landslide


The stories beneath those headlines spoke of the intense hubris inside the Democratic Party and the Clinton campaign. Their “experts” declared the race over on Tuesday. Assured of a landslide, Clinton stopped campaigning and turned to what the Clinton’s do best: extorting money from the ultra-rich.

(Politico toned down its exuberant headline after Trump’s triumph in Mexico City.)

You have to wonder if Hillary’s minions are still popping champagne.

Two major polls, the LA Times and Reuters, now show Trump surging up, up, and away from her crookedness.

** Trump’s remarkable surge follows the best week by a Presidential candidate in living memory. ** alongside Mexican President Enrique PeñaNieto on Wednesday ** Trump gave the most detailed policy speech by any candidate so far this election cycle on Wednesday evening ** Trump received a standing ovation from the congregation of a black church in Detroit on Saturday ** Trump hosted numerous rallies for ordinary folk in between

Meanwhile, weak and crooked Hilary convalesced at her mansion and made a few trips out to take money from celebrity millionaires like a Noël Coward character. Hillary dodged indictment by the FBI, again, after a holiday weekend document dump of portions of the FBI report on Hillary’s unindicted crimes against national security.

Another week of contrasts this stark, and people will be saying Trump is effectively running unopposed.