September 3, 2016

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As You Watch, You Will Be Healed

You probably never thought you’d see anything like this, but it just happened.

What’s it like when a nation turns from strife to peace and healing?

Watch this most amazing moment in politics, in history. You might find yourself tearing up when the Bishop wraps The Donald in a prayer shawl. Powerful.

In my remarks to the 500 people at the Tea Party for Trump at Surdyke Harley-Davidson in Festus last Sunday, I spoke about the need for healing in America.

Today, Donald Trump and the congregation at Great Faith International Ministries in Detroit lovingly and carefully administered a suture toward that healing. Which means the bleeding can stop. Which means the healing can begin.

Amazing day, folks, to end and amazing week.

The more you see Trump work, the more you feel hope for America. And the more you hope you feel, the more you’ll want to read my book. It’s very hopeful.