September 2, 2016

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BREAKING: FBI Report Confirms Hillary's Guilty Mental Problems

The FBI dumped its Clinton criminal investigation report today, and it’s full of bombshells. Bombs are exploding like the 4th of July, especially the way Clinton lied about Gen. Colin Powell.

Clinton has maintained that Powell advised her to use a private email and cell phone instead of using secure systems provided by the US government.

Hillary lied.

Here’s what the FBI found:

Clinton contacted former Secretary of State Colin Powell via e-mail to inquire about his use of a BlackBerry while he was Secretary of State . . . . In his e-mail reply,** Powell warned Clinton that if it became “public” that Clinton had used a BlackBerry, and she used it to “do business,” her e-mails could become “official record[s] and subject to the law."**

Remarkable.** Hillary lied again and again.**

Sickly Hillary admitted to severe memory loss due to “head trauma.”

Crooked Hillary admitted to losing numerous cell phones containing highly classified information.

Crooked Hillary denied any knowledge of security briefings or instructions.

It’s clear that the people who wrote the FBI report thought Hillary would be indicted. They were stabbed in the back by the Obama administration in its attempt to keep Hillary out of the prison cell she earned.

Here’s the link to the FBI criminal Hillary report.