July 30, 2016

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My First Choice for President Just Endorsed Eric Greitens for Governor

From Dr. Ben Carson:

President Obama and his allies are trying to hijack the Republican primary in Missouri by attacking my good friend Eric Greitens.

Like me, Eric is a conservative outsider, and that means the political establishment is terrified of him. Obama and his allies are now spending a million dollars falsely attacking Eric Greitens and trying to fool the people of Missouri. Don’t fall for it.

This Tuesday, I hope you will send President Obama and every corrupt political insider and politician a message by voting for Eric Greitens. He’s pro-life, pro-gun, and conservative to the core.

Take it from me: there’s a reason Eric is the only candidate in this race Barack Obama is afraid of. Don’t let Barack Obama and the Democrats steal another election in Missouri.

I hope you’ll join me in supporting my friend, Eric Greitens.

Dr. Ben Carson

Dr. Carson recognizes leaders when he sees them. I feel so good about his endorsement because it validates my complete faith in Eric Greitens for Governor.

The Democrats just tipped their hand and confirmed what I’ve been saying all along: Eric alone can beat Koster in November.

If you want four more years of a Democrat governor who vetoes every bill that worth the paper it’s printed on, for for one of Eric’s opponents. They’ll let you down gently.

If you want to finally get your money’s worth out of the Republican super majorities in the legislature, the only rational vote is Eric Grietens.