July 29, 2016

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Democrats Just Predicted Greitens Beats Koster

Do you want to help Democrats win? You can, and the Democratic Governors Association just told you how.

If you’re a Republican and you follow the advice of the Democratic Governors Association, you won’t vote for Eric Greitens. The DGA wants Democrat Chris Koster to win, so Democrats are telling Missouri’s Republicans not to nominate Greitens. Democrats believe Greitens beats Koster in November.

Smart people know that you watch what people do, not what they say. In fact, everyone does this. Scientific research shows that about 70 percent of communication is nonverbal behavior. The Nonverbal Groupª puts it this way:

Dr. Albert Mehrabian, author of Silent Messages, conducted several studies on nonverbal communication. He found that 7% of any message is conveyed through words, 38% through certain vocal elements, and 55% through nonverbal elements (facial expressions, gestures, posture, etc). Subtracting the 7% for actual vocal content leaves one with the 93% statistic.

. . .

Based on my own research, I would state that the amount of communication that is nonverbal varies between 60 and 90% on a daily basis. This number depends on both the situation and the individual.

So smart people will ignore the content of the Democrat’s message and look at the behavior.

What did the Democrats do in attacking Greitens? They signaled that they don’t want Greitens to be the Republican nominee. The Democrats are telling Republican voters (like you) to vote for a candidate Democrat Koster can beat. And the Democrats believe Koster can beat any Republican . . . except Greitens. The DGA believe Greitens beats Koster.

If you normally vote for the Republican that Democrats tell you to vote for, you’ll vote for someone else. But if you make up your own mind, you’ll vote for Eric Greitens on Tuesday. If you like to do the opposite of what the Democrats say you should do, you’ll probably want to put a Greitens yard sign in your yard and vote for Greitens.

Or, you can be one of those mindless Republican robots who do whatever the Democrats tell you to do. Either way, if you vote for anyone except Eric Greitens, you’ll make the Democrats very, very happy.

ª The Nonverbal Group is a group of academics and professionals who are dedicated to conducting research on nonverbal communication.