July 22, 2016

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Hillary Wants Americans to Suffer European-style Terrorism

Another terrorist attack is going on in Munich, Germany right now. At least 3 people are dead, but police can’t get into the shooting sites to find out how bad it is. Shooters are still at large. All public transportation has been shut down because terrorists are shooting up subways, too. There’s a 99% chance the terrorists are Muslim immigrants. This is what Hillary’s immigration plan looks like.


Two days ago, a Muslim immigrant went on an ax-hacking spree on a German train. Getting chopped with an ax is a horrible way to die, in case you were wondering. That’s why terrorists do it.

Before that, a Muslim immigrant to France mowed down scores of Bastille Day revelers in Nice, France.

And before that, there was a Muslim terror attack at an airport in Turkey.

And before that . . . you get the idea.

Just last week, Germany’s immigration minister called for more immigrants.  He’ll say that today’s terror attack is the fault of Germans who don’t comply with Sharia law. Germany is effectively an Islamic State.

Hillary Clinton wants more immigrants from terrorist countries to come here. If she’s elected, Americans will be shot up in shopping malls, just like Germans. And kids will get crushed by Muslim-driven trucks in cities like Cleveland and St. Louis. That’s the path we’re on.

That’s your choice. Safety and security with Trump or death and terrorism with Hillary.