July 22, 2016

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A Voice, Not an Echo

Donald J. Trump overwhelmed the political class last night, smashing up their temple. He destroyed the media myths of everything. Everything. Donald Trump is the anti-myth, the truth-teller, the blunt reporter of reality on reality’s terms. And his speech, his reality manifesto, stole the hearts of the vast majority of Americas.

So many myths dispelled.

** The Tea Party myth of a savior in an ill-fitting suit who speaks only two words: constitution and conservatism. That was never gonna happen. ** The Hillary myth that everybody wants to crown her queen, quit their jobs, and live and die on the Democrat welfare plantation as idle slaves. ** The LGBTQ myth that Islam is their friend and M | W bathrooms are their greatest existential threat. ** The media myth that you didn’t hear what you heard until a Talking Head tells you you did. ** The #NeverTrump myth that you can defeat Hillary by saying bad stuff ‘bout Trump. ** The RNC myth that Paul Ryan’s chamber of commerce donors know what’s best for you boobs.

And that’s just the start. So many myths exploded it’s impossible to keep track.

But they’re all gone. Myths dead.

In their place is a new realism of an American revival. This revival comes not from Trump but from the forgotten people of America–construction workers, factory workers, software architects, electrical workers, entrepreneurs, hairdressers, barbers, police, soldiers, sailors, firefighters, and ballerinas. The revival of the people who actually build this country and keep it running. It’s a revival of the people who keep us safe and housed, the guy who shows up at 2:00 a.m. to fix the failing furnace.

For decades these great, anonymous Americans have listened to all those myths and wondered, “where is this world they speak of?” All the while, their reality was squandered, their futures mortgaged, the children threatened, and their lives drained of meaning.

Until last night.

Last night, Donald J. Trump ripped the mask from the myth-makers and exposed them as crooked, nasty frauds. And in their place offered a simple reality of a once and future Great America.

Donald Trump speaks for the millions of Americans who just want to own their lives, people who may not be perfectly educated but are smart enough to distinguish myth from reality. Because we are reality.

For us, for the real people of many colors and styles, Donald Trump is our voice, not an empty echo.

If you’re still not sure about Trump, you might find the answer in my book, Turning On Trump