July 21, 2016

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What If Ted Cruz Said This Instead?

Parts pulled from comments to this post:

Today Cruz proved himself to be Lyin' Ted again.

After swearing that his non-endorsement was all about “freedom and the Constitution,” he admitted today that he broke his oath of support solely because Trump insulted his wife and his father. For Ted, this was personal, not business.

Ted could have told us it was personal last night. But he lied instead. He could have said something else, too. And if I were his speechwriter, I’d have offered him something like this:

The Republican elephant in the room is looking at me, and you all know it. That elephant is asking, “will he endorse or won’t he?”

Let me address that once and for all.

If I don’t endorse Donald, I’ll break my vow to my party and to my country, and I pride myself on keeping my word to voters.

But if I do endorse him, I’ll feel in my heart that I’m breaking my vow to love, honor, cherish, and obey my wife. Because I made my vow to Heidi first, and because I hold that vow and her love above all other commitments, I will not endorse Mr. Trump tonight. But I will, by the grace of God, eagerly vote for Trump and Pence on November 8, and I beg every one you to follow my example.

That would have brought the house down and made Cruz look like both a genius and a great man. As we learned, though, Cruz is neither.