July 17, 2016

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Obama & Hillary Have Lost Control of Cop Killer Rhetoric

Hillary, Obama, and much of the Democrat Party have fomented race hatred for years. They’ve ratcheted up their lies in recent months, hoping to turn race hatred into votes. They are that cynical and self-serving.

Now, Hillary and Obama have lost control of the fire they started. Crazed, racist murderers all across the country have declared war on police officers. From Dallas, Texas, to Ballwin, Missouri, to Baton Rouge, Louisianna, Hillary has sent a message that says it’s okay to kill a cop. Today, one of those racist, crazed killers murdered three Baton Rouge police officers and shot three others, according to CBS News and the Baton Rouge mayor’s office. Reports are still coming in. One assailant is dead, two on the loose.

Spurred by Democratic politicians' lies, almost twice as many cops will die on duty in 2016 compared to 2015. Twenty-nine officers have been shot and killed so far this year. In all of 2015, there were 33 officers shot and killed. Hillary’s message is clearly working.

If you do anything to help Hillary, you are helping kill cops. There is no third path for you Never Trumpers.

Before you say I’m overreacting, I am not alone. Dilbert cartoonist Scott Adams sees the same thing:

Let me give you an example of how** Clinton and her supporters in the media have pushed us to the brink of a race war.** This article in the Washington Post tells us that although cops kill more whites than African-Americans, we still have a police racism problem because blacks are killed in greater proportion to their relative population. That’s all true, as far as I can tell.

But what got left out?

Well, for one thing, it doesn’t address the fact that most police shootings happen in high-crime areas (I assume). And high crime areas in the United States often have high concentrations of African-American citizens. If the police accidentally shoot someone in my neighborhood, the victim will almost certainly be white, Asian, or Indian, because that’s who lives here. But if police accidentally shoot someone in a predominantly African-American neighborhood with a high crime rate, the odds are high that it will be an African-American victim. Does that tell us anything about racism?

And in another post, Adams points out that more and more people now believe that Hillary encourages cop-killers:

The biggest change is not the FBI’s decision on Clinton’s email scandal, although that is clearly part of it. To my eyes, the biggest change is that Clinton’s team just became the cop-killing side. At least that’s how it looks to our irrational minds. Your brain thinks cops are probably Trump supporters (true or not) while you probably see cop-killers as Clinton supporters (true or not). And that means the recent slaughter of five policemen in Dallas changed your mental equation.

With every horrible attack on innocent cops, innocent vacationers, innocent club-goers, more and more people realize that Trump is America’s last hope because Hillary’s team is the cop-killer side.

UPDATE: Crooked Hillary addresses NAACP convention tomorrow. She needs a Sister Souljah moment. Expect her to get booed at this event in a cynical attempt to win back the law and order vote.