July 15, 2016

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You Won't Believe How Many Islamic Terrorist Attacks This Year

Good morning.

One of the reasons Trump will win in a landslide is safety. Trump has warned for years that we are weak and political correctness makes us weaker. Everybody knows he’s right. NeverTrumpers were saying this until Trump said it.

Last night,** a Muslim terrorist killed at least 84 people in Nice, France**. They were ordinary people lined up to watch fireworks, the same way you did on the 4th of July. Now, they’re dead because the EU and the French government has open borders. **The terrorist was a Tunisian. **

Does it seem as if there’s a new terror attack every week? That’s probably because there is. Actually, 2016 has seen an average of 45.3 Islamic terror attacks per week. That’s 1,268 terror attacks so far. The list huge.

Those 1,268 Islamic terror attacks killed 11,664 people and wounded 14,087 people.

And we have 24 weeks to go in the year.

**Only one candidate wants to protect Americans first, and that’s Donald Trump. **

As I pointed out in Turning On Trump, the Islamic terror attacks in Paris and San Bernardino jolted me. That’s when I started seriously considering Mr. Trump. Those attacks made it clear as a mountain stream that our leaders were doing nothing to protect us. They’re letting in thousands of refugees infused with terrorists.

These refugees carry diseases that we never allowed into our country. Democrats say it’s okay for Americans to die if that’s the price we have to pay to let in refugees. Hillary Clinton wants more refugees with diseases and terrorists in their midst. I don’t.

As Phyllis Schlafly said in December, Donald Trump seems to be our last hope. At the time, I thought she was exaggerating. But I don’t now. **Donald Trump is our last hope. **

This is what open borders look like:

GRAPHIC. tycoonewsEARTH: Eyewitness: Bodies everywhere after truck hits crowd in Nice. pic.twitter.com/5FNJajcp9y

— tycoonewsEARTH (@tycoonewsEARTH) July 14, 2016