July 12, 2016

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How NeverTrump Promotes Race Violence

NeverTrumpers who don’t cross over stand to get a lot of blood on their hands. I’m not the only one noticing. If anything, I’m understating the case. Now we know: to be anti-Trump is to be pro-abortion and pro-race war. To be anti-Trump is to support violence against police officers, especially white police officers. That’s because Hillary is all those things, and to be anti-Trump is, logically, to be pro-Hillary. (If they both live until January 20, either Clinton or Trump will be the next president. No one else has a chance.) And, now, someone else has the guts to agree with me.

Back in June, I pointed out that Democrats actively encourage racial violence against Trump supporters because they think it helps their crooked Hillary Clinton. Here’s what I wrote on June 22:

Not all Democrats are evil people. I know some of them, and the ones I know are not really evil. A lot of Democrats never killed anyone or even encouraged others to murder people for them. But Democrats do have a cozy relationship with death, especially the violent kind. They like abortion, they excuse terrorism, and they realize the only way to keep Trump from winning is to kill him.

NeverTrumpers have said they will work to get Crooked Hillary elected if Trump is the Republican Presidential nominee, so they’re helping push her racial violence, too. You can’t have one without the other. Maybe they say they are outraged by the murders of police officers, but they’ll let it go on if it helps Hillary whether they realize it or not. That’s how the mind works.

Now, persuasion expert Scott Adams really hammers home the message of just how dangerous these NeverTrump Hillary surrogates are. Read this carefully.

First, Scott Adams publicly endorsed Hillary Clinton for his personal safety. Even though he never endorsed Trump, NeverTrumpers and Democrats sent him and his family death threats for saying things about Trump the Hillary supporters interpreted as positive.

Here’s how Adams defends that endorsement:

If you didn’t believe me that I endorsed Clinton for my safety, perhaps the recent shooting of police officers changed your mind. That’s the sort of tragedy you expect to happen when **Team Clinton frames the national debate as a race war. **

Then, Adams goes on to explain how Team Hillary and her NeverTrump surrogates encourage people to shoot cops:

So now we have a situation in which Team Clinton has scared citizens into thinking the threat to their lives is mostly domestic, coming from Trump, Trump supporters, and anyone who looks like them. People who are scared will act. And we see those actions now in terms of violence against police, violence against Trump supporters, and death threats to bloggers such as me. And we already have one attempted Trump assassination.

Adams explains that, contrary to what the NeverTrumpers pretend they’re not lying to you, Trump never mentions race in a negative way. Only Hillary and her NeverTrump surrogates do that:

You can blame Trump for Trump University, and for his uncivil language. You can blame Trump for lots of stuff. But the police shootings and the recent uptick in domestic racial violence are mostly Clinton’s doings to win the election. And it is working. Unless Trump finds a way to counter Clinton’s racial persuasion, he will lose in November.

Then, Adams, like me, recognizes that Team Hillary will try to kill Trump if they have to to win:

I expect Trump to go full-attack after the conventions. It would take the world’s greatest persuader to redefine Trump in a way that he can win the election. But as it turns out, Trump is probably the world’s greatest persuader. That’s why I predict he will win in a landslide. Unless someone kills him first.

Ever hear of Ron Brown?


Before I let you go, I’ll give NeverTrumpers the same defense I gave Democrats who support Hillary. NeverTrumpers are not all evil people. I know some NeverTrumpers, and the ones I know are not really evil. A lot of NeverTrumpers never killed anyone or even encouraged others to murder people for them. But NeverTrumpers do have a cozy relationship with death, especially the violent kind. NeverTrumpers will allow an increase in abortion, and they realize the only way to keep Trump from winning is to kill him.

Maybe NeverTrumpers will get their way, but they’ll lose their souls in the process. And more.

Ironically, if anything happens to Trump, NeverTrumpers will get the blame. Do they really believe the media and a Hillary administration would blame anyone but some faction of the GOP for such a crime?  Hillary jailed some hapless video maker for her Benghazi debacle, did she not? It would be a piece of cake to pin a Trump assassination on conservatives. Conservatives Brad Thor and Glenn Beck have both and together threatened or encouraged others to make attempts on Trump’s life. Beck had to face Secret Service scrutiny for his on-air threats. And Beck has Joe Carroll-like cult followers planted all around the country.

If NeverTrumpers think they wouldn’t get framed for Trump’s demise, they’re pretending they’re not lying to themselves.

Of course, as I said, NeverTrumpers are not necessarily bad people. Some of them will realize that Trump is a much better person than Hillary. Much better person. And they’ll vote for Trump.

It’s not too late to cross over to the light side, but it will be soon. My new book will make your turning easy and effortless.