July 4, 2016

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It's Been a Great Month for ISIS

If you’re football team, you’re measured by games won. If you’re a computer company, you’re measured by products shipped. If you’re and international terrorist organization, you’re measured by mayhem created.

Let’s face it, ISIS is on a roll.

What a week! Nearly 200 murders across three countries on two continents. Not bad for a JV team, huh? Let’s look at the week:

** Istanbul Airport: 45 murdered, 52 hospitalized. ** Bangladesh Bakery: 20 murdered, 13 escaped. ** Baghdad Mall: 115 murdered, 200 injured.

If we go back a couple of weeks, there was the Orlando Pulse night club massacre that puts ISIS’s death toll over 200.

Meanwhile, Secretary of State John Kerry says all this carnage proves ISIS is losing. Whatever.

I think it’s pretty clear that no one in this administration has a clue how to do anything but preach. And I include Crooked Hillary in “this administration.” They’re like the doctor, then professor, and the politician: they tell others what to do even though they can do nothing of value themselves.

Meanwhile, this administration’s refugee and immigrant policy has introduced drug-resistant tuberculosis to Wisconsin and possible other states. When America had a sane immigration policy, people with infectious diseases were barred. That’s because the first purpose of our government is the safety and welfare of Americans. This administration thinks the first purpose of government is to flood the country with people who hate us.

I guess when you’re part of a global elite with bunkers and private islands, you don’t care how many of your countrymen might die to keep you fat, dumb, and happy. For those who are not part of that global elite, I say it’s time we bulldoze those bunkers.

Now, if only we had a candidate for president who puts America first and reminds people of a bulldozer . . .

You might find such a candidate in my new book.