June 28, 2016

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The Best Way to Deal with Trump

Someone you know is PERFECT for this book.

It might be you.

Here you are, looking at your device, reading these words, and trying to figure out the Trump thing. Or maybe you’ve figured it out, but you want to know how people like you think about it. Or maybe you’re all-in for Trump, but you need help talking to your friends or family about your Trumpism. You might be thinking this book is for you. Or someone you know well.

turningtrumpbook Probably, you, like me, thought America lost its mind last year when Donald Trump led all the polls in August and September. You probably, like me, wondered why people would buy this guy’s story. And very probably, you, like me, struggled with how to deal with the whole Trump phenomenon. Even if you were onboard with Trump day one, you probably can use some powerful logic to bolster your arguments, right?


Everyone can, don’t you think?

I’m Bill Hennessy, co-founder of the St. Louis Tea Party Coalition and author of five books beginning with The Conservative Manifesto in 1993. The Conservative Manifesto was a featured alternate selection of the Conservative Book Club twice in 1994. I’ve been a guest on Neil Caputo, Glenn Beck, and The Kudlow Report. And I’ve been accused of “selling out.”

**Turning On Trump chronicles the sordid tales **of that “sell-out.” Which wasn’t a sell-out at all, but a needed realization of what’s most important right now for America’s survival. It’s the real-time account of a dyed-in-the-wool conservative turning around on Trump. And some people say it’s “the ultimate political mea culpa.”

_Turning On Trump _has some very emotional moments that you’ll relate to, too, like the storyline of your favorite movie. I came under heavy fire from friends and family when I began to think differently about Donald Trump. You might have experienced this yourself, didn’t you? It’s painful to feel like you’re letting people down, and it’s terrible to think you can’t make them see what you see, isn’t it?

I pulled together these stories from my blog, HennessysView.com, to help you see what I saw at the turning. I want to reassure you that, however you feel about Trump, you’re right in one way or another. If you can’t see yourself voting for Trump yet, it’s not your fault. Many in the ruling class and the media want you to feel that way, and they’re very good at making you feel what they want you to feel. We’ve all gone through it one time or another. Those mainstream media folks are effective, even on us, are they not?

Leaders adapt principles to circumstances.

–General George S. Patton

**But if you’re reading this now, you know you’re open to overcoming those feelings that hold you back **from thinking differently. I was there, too. And I’m here now with Turning on Trump to make your life better, to align your big principles with the principles that will save our Supreme Court from three to five hard-left replacements favored by Crooked Hillary. (I really, really like Donald Trump’s list of Supreme Court nominees, don’t you? Even if you’re not there yet on Trump, his Heritage Foundation list of appointments is stellar, you probably agree.)

I hope you’ll buy and read Turning On Trump for fun and for information. And you might want to buy an extra copy or two to give to friends who just can’t see the truth yet. They will. They’ll turn around. And you can help by buying them a copy of Turning On Trump. It’s the very best way to deal with the Trump phenomenon right now.