June 23, 2016

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Where's the Outrage Over Democrat Death Party?

Let’s play a game, shall we?

How would CNN report the following tweets:

Too bad the guy who tried to kill Hillary didn’t succeed Shoutout to the guy who tried to kill trump 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 #realmvp

Shoutout to the guy who tried to kill trump. Thanks for your effort

These are real tweets from real people with one word changed. I replaced “Trump” in the original tweets with “Hillary.” You can see these death-happy tweets and many, many more on Breitbart.com.  Real people openly call for assassination as if they were rooting for a basketball team. Scary, isn’t it?

You didn’t miss the media outrage over these tweet–it didn’t happen. CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC apparently agree that Trump should be assassinated, just as they seemingly approve of violent attacks on Trump supporters. One NBC producer supports assassination for political ends. Most of these networks didn’t even mention the assassination attempt.

You probably assume Twitter quickly banished these death-mongering miscreants. You’d be wrong. Twitter, like the press, seems okay with murder when the would-be victim is Donald Trump or someone wearing a Trump t-shirt. The Death Party is very forgiving toward its own kind.

No surprise. Scott Adams endorsed Hillary Clinton out of fear for his life. Here’s what Scott wrote yesterday:

I endorsed Hillary Clinton for my personal safety because I live in California. I write about Trump’s powers of persuasion and it would not be safe to be mistaken for a Trump supporter in my zip code.

Scott Adams,in the same post, noted the media blackout about the assassination attempt:

Speaking of safety, do you think the mainstream media gave enough attention to the recent Trump assassination attempt? Ask yourself if that would have been a bigger story if a Trump supporter tried the same thing with Clinton.

Not all Democrats are evil people. I know some of them, and the ones I know are not really evil. A lot of Democrats never killed anyone or even encouraged others to murder people for them. But Democrats do have a cozy relationship with death, especially the violent kind. They like abortion, they excuse terrorism, and they realize the only way to keep Trump from winning is to kill him. So they hold their noses and watch it happen. Can you think of another time and place where otherwise decent people said nothing while cruelty and murder took place all around them?

I’m for Trump because I’m against death. Trump’s for life.

It’s your turn now. Time to choose.