June 21, 2016

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Lewandowski Firing

You knew it would happen, didn’t you?

Corey Lewandowski, the obscure, small-potatoes political operative from a tiny state couldn’t possibly run a presidential campaign from start to victory, could he?

But this isn’t about Corey Lewandowski. It’s about the next the president of the United States, Donald Trump. And you’ll want to read it all because it’s so true. So true.

I read a summary of what happened at Lewandowski’s dismissal meeting, and it sounded exactly like an episode of The Apprentice.  Here’s the critical part, from NY Magazine:

Shortly after it began, . . . [Donald Trump’s adult] children peppered Lewandowski with questions, asking him to explain the campaign’s lack of infrastructure. “They went through the punch list. ‘Where are we with staffing? Where are we with getting the infrastructure built?'” one source explained. Their father grew visibly upset as he heard the list of failures. Finally, he turned to Lewandowski and said, “What’s your plan here?”

Lewandowski responded that he wanted to leak Trump’s vice-president pick.

And with that, Lewandowski was out. Trump has long viewed announcing his running mate at the GOP convention next month as a valuable card to play. He was shocked that Lewandowski didn’t have any other ideas. Shortly after the meeting, Lewandowski was escorted out of the building by Trump security.

“You’re fired.”

If you thought Donald Trump doesn’t take this campaign seriously, you just learned you’re something else. Trump considers Lewandowski a friend, but he won’t let any friend stand in the way of winning. Roger Stone has been friends with Trump for decades, and Trump let him go last summer. Trump is serious about winning. And he will win.

Trump shows his hand all the time. He’s running his campaign like fodder for an updated version of The Art of the Deal. He handles personnel matters the way he conducted business on The Apprentice. Trump’s only surprise factor is that he actually means what he says, which shocks most people. We’re used to politicians lying about everything.

I hereby double down on my prediction that Trump wins in a landslide. Lewandowski’s dismissal just convinced me Trump’s a champ.

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