June 15, 2016

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Stanford Sexual Assault Case

You likely heard about the letter of the girl who was sexually assaulted on Stanford’s campus. Two passers-by saw a man molesting an unconscious woman. The man was sentenced to six months in jail and three years' probation. Many people were outraged by the sentence, but no one told the woman she needs to do some soul searching, did they?

But why not? Why not ask the woman to reflect on her actions and things she might have said. Isn’t it possible she’ll come to realize she might have driven her attacker to his crime?

You might think I’m a terrible human being, but I have company in high places. For example, after an Islamic terrorist killed 49 people and wounded more than 50 others, President Obama said Americans “need to do some soul searching." That’s because Obama believes American actions and attitudes drive peaceful, loving Muslim to ISIS. In other words, the president believes “we had it coming” and we need to uncover and get rid of our massive national character flaw that drives people to kill us.

If we all need some soul searching after an Islamic terrorist kills scores of people in a night club, doesn’t a sexual assault victim need some soul searching after her trauma? That only seems fair, does it not? While we’re at it, shouldn’t we consider banning men between puberty and retirement from college campuses? That’s the demographic most likely to commit sexual assault. If gun control can prevent Islamic terrorism, then guy control should stop rape, right?

The alternative is too politically incorrect to consider. Aggressively profiling and going after terrorists might hurt feelings, and we can’t have that. Just ask Crooked Hillary or Legacy Obama. They will tell you profiling doesn’t work, and soul searching does. Maybe if she wins, Hillary will eliminate the FBI profiling practice. It’s hurtful and divisive, right?

Obama’s words of healing must have satisfied would-be Islamic terrorists, right? One would think, but, while Obama was lecturing Americans on their need to search their souls to figure out what we did to deserve this, another Muslim terrorist from Iran took hostages in a Amarillo, Texas Walmart.  A politically-incorrect sheriff’s deputy shot that terrorist dead before the terrorist had a chance to kill anyone.

Let’s call on that deputy to do some soul searching, too. Otherwise, he’s no better than the rape victim who blames her attacker or the terrorism victim who blames terrorism.