June 13, 2016

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This will only take a minute

It’s unlikely you read Hennessy’s View and not The Gateway Pundit, but there’s always the chance.

This morning, just as I was taking a break to catch up on news, I got a text from a friend that drew me to a particular post on GP. The headline: 

After the Pulse Club Massacre, It’s Time for Gays to Come Home to Republican Party

In it, my friend Jim Hoft, co-founder of St. Louis Tea Party Coalition, and relentless conservative warrior, mentions he’s gay.

I say “mentions” because Jim doesn’t make it a big deal. As Jim says, like most gays, he doesn’t wear it on his sleeve.

Now, I hate to sound like I’m throwing cold water on Jim’s announcement, but so what?

Jim Hoft is still the best blogger in the midwest, the blogger I wish I’d become. I envied Jim for years, but then, with Jim’s help, I realized my strengths span many other areas. Blogging is writing, but it’s not the only kind of writing. And writing isn’t everything. It’s great to have some division of labor in the movement, and Jim is the master of super-magnetic headline writing. (Jim would be more famous than David Ogilvey if he’d gone into advertising. Maybe more famous than Don Draper.)

Jim Hoft is also a snarling pit bull against communism, fascism, racism, and Islamicism. Jim’s reporting brought down Van Jones early in the Obama Administration. His headlines land on Drudge’s top line about once a week, and that’s an amazing accomplishment, folks. Unbelievable. Probably more than anyone else, he gets to the top of Drudge. Not to mention Rush’s Stack o' Stuff.

So the point is, Jim’s done remarkably great things for you, for me, for America, and he will continue doing that greatness for many, many years. Oh, and he’s gay.

Writing about the 1980s, Jim says he came out to friends and family during the AIDS epidemic. “It was a scary time to be gay,” Jim writes.

After the Orlando Massacre the teens look like a pretty dangerous time to be gay, too. Our president looks disinterested in protecting Americans from terrorists. That would distract from his Legacy Tour. And his chosen replacement, Crooked Hillary Clinton, refuses to name Islamic terrorism. Yet women and gays will probably suffer most in jihad. Especially gay conservative activists. This doesn’t seem to bother Democrats. Which makes this a scary time for everyone in Western Civilization.

For the seven years I’ve known Jim, I felt protected by his pen against the swords fighting against freedom. Thank God for Jim Hoft. I’m glad he’s on our team, and I’m as proud as ever to be his friend.