June 13, 2016

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No One Else Is Talking About This

With the Islamic massacre at a gay club in Orlando, there’s a lot of talk about jihad and guns. The Gateway Pundit does a great job of keeping you informed. So you don’t need me adding noise. Instead, I’ll talk about statistics, which everybody loves.

There are about 320 million people in the United States. About one percent are Muslims. By comparison, about 2.5 percent of Americans are Jewish. It’s safe to say, then, that there are about 2.5 times as many Jews as Muslims.

Did you know that Muslim and Jewish are religions, not races? A lot of people don’t know that. Many people think Muslim is a race and Jewish is an ethnicity. But actually they’re religions. The distinction between race and religion is important because a lot of people think it’s racist to believe Muslims are capable of terrorism. But racism involves genetics, and there’s nothing genetic about being Muslim. Or Jewish for that matter. Or Catholic or Hindu. I know at least one person who professes each faith but comes from a race or ethnicity that we usually associate with a different faith.

Another way to think of it: I could stop being Catholic tomorrow, but I can’t stop being Irish. (Let me freshen up this drink, and I’ll be right back.) Every Muslim in the world, all 1.7 billion of them, could stop being Muslims tomorrow if they wanted to. But the American Muslims who disavowed their religion would still be American and the Saudi Muslims who disavowed their religion would still be murdered for blasphemy or something. They would die Saudis even though would die not Muslims.

Back to the statistics.

Last year, the FBI reported that Muslims are responsible for 6 percent of all the terrorism in the United States since 1980. (I have no idea why they picked 1980, but let’s go with that.) The FBI pointed out that Jewish extremists were responsible for 7 percent of terrorism in the USA during the same period. Apparently the FBI wants you to think that your Jewish neighbor is more dangerous than your Muslim neighbor. (I have no idea why the FBI wants people to think religions are so dangerous. Maybe the FBI is a bunch of Christian bigots or something.)

On its face, it looks plausible, right? Seven is more than 6, so the people who do 7 percent of the terror must be more dangerous than the people who do 6 percent.

And this is where statistics helps.

When you know the base population of each group, you can figure out each group’s propensity to kill a lot of people.

There are about 6.8 million people who describe themselves as Jewish in the United States, and about 2.75 million Muslims. That means any given Muslim is about 2.5 times more likely to commit terrorism than any given Jew. Two and a half times more prone to terrorism.

But the statistics get even more interesting. You’ll want to memorize some of this to tell your friends. It could help you win an argument at work, too..

Some leftwing group dug into the FBI statics on terrorism in the USA to prove that Muslims are safer than Jews. As you can see, they didn’t make that case. But they did manage to insult Latinos.

In their zeal to prove Muslims are better neighbors than Jews, Princeton University’s Loon Watch produced this terrifying pie-chart.

[caption id=“attachment_19681” align=“aligncenter” width=“491”]Princeton University’s Loon Watch provided this chart. Princeton University’s Loon Watch provided this chart.[/caption]

I’m sure Princeton didn’t mean to call all Latinos “terrorist,” but they sort of did. Of all the groups they identify, only Latinos can be considered a race. I expect Paul Ryan to denounce Princeton’s racism in a major speech next week. But, all poor Princeton did was to put the FBI’s statistics into a pie chart. Perhaps we should ban pie charts now?

Anyway, the statistics to remember are that Muslims in America are 2.5 times more prone to terrorism than are American Jews. You should forget that 42 percent of all US terrorism is perpetrated by Latinos, because that’s racist, and Princeton will pay for it, believe me.

Notice that leftwing extremists terrorize America 24 percent of the time, and communists 5 percent. We saw this leftwing terrorism at Trump rallies in Chicago, San Diego, and San Jose, did we not?

Finally, remember that 84% of all terrorism in the USA is perpetrated by people who are not fans of Donald Trump or the Tea Party, so they probably won’t read my new book which is about both.