June 9, 2016

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Forgive Paul Ryan

A lot of people are mad at Paul Ryan. Millions of people want Mr. Ryan to step down as Speaker of the House. I am not mad at him. Paul Ryan is a victim of his circumstances, just like a lot of other Republicans.

Paul Ryan stepped up to a microphone this week and said what he was programmed to say. Essentially, Mr. Ryan said he’s not happy with Donald Trump’s statements about a La Raza judge who started issuing anti-Trump rulings after Trump called on America to enforce its immigration laws. Mr. Ryan voted for most of those laws, but he’s okay with a judge who nullifies those laws from the bench. Paul Ryan is a very forgiving guy.

I try to be forgiving, too. So I forgive Paul Ryan.

Mr. Ryan never had a real job as an adult. He worked for Washington beltway think-tanks and for Congressmen. But he never worked in the private sector. So Mr. Ryan has no idea how to make things that people want. He has not a clue how to make a profit. He knows how to tax and spend, and how to pander. Taxing, spending, and pandering were perfected in Washinton, DC, where Mr. Ryan spent most of his adult life. He’s infused, like gin.

Before you say, “but Paul Ryan is from Wisconsin,” let me say, “I know.” He went from Wisconsin straight to Washington, and I’m pretty sure he has spent most of is adult life in Washington. (Add up the hours.) So Paul Ryan is way more Washington than he is Wisconsin, don’t you agree?

Mr. Ryan is a Republican, through and through. He’s been programmed with rules on race, and he’s been programmed to talk about his indignation when a Republican breaks those rules. I know Hugh Hewitt is angry at Mr. Ryan for attacking Donald Trump, but Ryan really had no choice: he’s been programmed to ask the wrong question.

The question Paul Ryan and many other Republicans are programmed to ask is: “will this help or hurt in the election?” It’s a very selfish question.

The right question to ask is: “Who is being racist?” The answer: the racists are mad at Trump. I’ve shown how here, here, and here.

Paul Ryan will come around when he realizes that he is taking the racist position.

But I’m getting in front of this by forgiving him early.

BTW, if you think this post is racist, wait till you read my new book. There’s nothing racist about it.