Muslim Judge

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Has any judge, anywhere, ever presided unfairly over a trial?

The leftist press is making hay over Donald Trump’s reasonable assertion that a Muslim judge might not be able to fairly adjudicate a case involving Trump.

The answer to my opening question is “yes.” Many judges have presided unfairly over trials. For example, many blacks were sent to prison when the same evidence would have exonerated a white defendant. We all know that. So we all know that judges are capable of unfair treatment at trial.

Are Muslim judges immune from unfairness? If you say they are, you’re kind of a racist, are you not? To say that all judges are capable of unfairness except Muslim judges is like saying all accountants are capable of math errors except Jewish accountants.

Could you be more bigoted?

Donald Trump has broken the rules of political correctness when it comes to Muslims and Hispanics. It’s reasonable to assume that Muslim and Hispanic judges would treat Mr. Trump unfairly in their courtrooms. In fact, many people would expect them to. Some vile people even encourage them to.

Besides, most Muslims in America believe they should be subject to sharia law instead of the US Constitution. So most Muslims admit they’d be unfair to Donald Trump, a Presbyterian.