June 3, 2016

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Hot Dripping Gift Only for Anti-Trump

READ THIS ALONE: Are you anti-Trump? You’re going to like this. A lot. While you read this post, you’re going experience bliss and ecstasy. Have you ever read an orgasmic blog post? You will, and you’ll like it. Like it so deeply. Very deep and very satisfying. This will become your favorite blog post ever. You’ll probably bookmark it. Maybe even email it to yourself. You’ll love it.

This is only for anti-Trump people. If you’re for Trump or you’ll hold your nose and vote for Trump, you’re welcome to read on. But you probably won’t get it on like the anti-Trumpers will. I’m writing straight into the anti-Trump brain and stimulating the neurons deep inside, the neurons that make them the very special people they are. So smart.

Anti-Trump or not, it’s time now to sit back and relax, maybe loosen up that shirt collar or belt that feels tight all of a sudden. Now we’ll plunge deep into your anti-Trump delight center and rub the neurons carefully. Relax and open your mind. This will feel so, so good in a minute.

You know you’re a good person with the best of intentions for everyone, right? You want a happier world with peace and smiles and justice for all. You want to win sometimes, sure. Who doesn’t? But winning doesn’t matter if you have to sacrifice Who You Are in the process, right? If you win the game by losing your dignity, have you gained anything at all?

If you’re still reading this deep into this post, you’re probably a person who prides yourself on concern for humanity, do you not?You put people first and animals close behind. You love your parents, your kids, your friends, and even your co-workers and neighbors. Strangers matter to you, and you read their Facebook posts when you get a chance. Love. You pitch in when the time comes. You’re a good person.

And even as good as you are, you find yourself chuckling a little bit when you see those stupid Trump supporters getting harassed and beaten outside rallies, do you not? You don’t have to say anything, and you don’t need to tell anyone. We know. It’s our little secret. That  you feel good when you see a Trump supporter hit with an egg or chased over a fence. Especially if its a woman or Hispanic Trump supporter. They had it coming, did they not?

When you saw the video of a young man in a Trump shirt carrying a Trump sign get hit in the head until he bled, it was kind of hot, wasn’t it? You felt something stir . . . down there, right? (It’s okay, really. You’re not alone.)

Sure, seeing a man get beaten and bloody is shocking on one level, but on another level, it felt . . . erotic, did it not? You can probably still close  your eyes and see the blood running wet and hot down the young man’s neck, behind his ear, onto his white Trump shirt with the dark collar. And your mind can reproduce the sounds of the anti-Trump crowd taunting that man and degrading him and humiliating him into submissiveness, can’t you? And those sounds Turn. You. On. No denying that.

Sex and violence go together like salt and hardboiled eggs, right? And that reminds you of the woman in the Trump rally video who got hit in the face  with a smelly, rotten egg at a Trump rally. (Did you just touch yourself there?) She had it coming, too, didn’t see? Trump woman. Woman for Trump. Dirty smelly egg.

You might feel a little dirty, a little guilty, reading this, turned on because people got hurt. But deep down you know violence turns you on when it’s a Trump supporter getting hurt. That’s your little secret. Politics might not be your thing, but seeing Trump supporters in pain, well, that comes close to orgasmic for you, doesn’t it. It’s hot.

You are a good person who cares about humanity and says all the right things at the right times. You have no reason to feel ashamed that you enjoy watching political enemies get chased and beaten and humiliated in the street. (Some people pay to be beaten and humiliated and forced to submit, do they not?) It’s how the human species runs.

In a moment, after you finish reading this post, you’re going to tell someone that you like seeing Trump supporters submitting to anti-Trump protesters like you. You’ll tell them, “it turns me on when those people get hurt.” And you’ll feel no shame when you say it.

You can’t help the way violence makes your knees bend and seeing blood makes your toes curl. It’s probably genetic. It came down from your mom and dad from centuries and eons of human evolution. It’s part of survival. Beat the bad guys and humiliate the stupid. It’s okay. You’re human, too, and a better human than them.

Now, go tell someone how violence turns you on. You belong on top. You have my permission to use the comments on this blog to get this off your chest now. You might feel a little spent, but it’ll be a good spent, won’t it?

See what you’ve done?

Good boy. Good girl.