May 6, 2016

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World Leaders and Paul Ryan Begin Negotiating With Trump

Every prediction about Trump has been wrong. Except for two. Ann Coulter and Scott Adams predicted Trump would win the nomination and, eventually, the White House in a landslide. They were right.

World leaders expect Trump to win, and they are lining up to make all his crazy assertions look like brilliant predictions.

Former Mexico president Vicente Fox apologized to Trump, and Trump graciously accepted. That’s a sign that Mexicans expect Trump to become the next US president.

China’s leaders urged everyone to treat Trump “with objectivity.” That’s a big change from just a few weeks ago when China was calling Trump names. China’s afraid of Trump, and they want a fair deal from his administration. They know the days of conning American negotiators are coming to an end.

British Prime Minister David Cameron admitted his “respect” for Donald Trump. David Cameron realizes he’ll need Trump’s spine to keep England from falling to radical Islamists.

And House Speaker Paul Ryan demonstrated his respect for Trump by opening negotiations for a spot in Trump’s cabinet. Ryan’s opening position was brilliant. By saying he’s not yet ready to endorse Trump, Ryan signaled to the master negotiator that Ryan knows how to deal. Trump earned a lot of respect for Ryan. That’s why Trump responded with an official release saying that Trump is not ready to endorse Ryan’s agenda. Negotiation students better keep an eye on this exchange. These two guys are about the top two negotiators on the planet, and Ryan will probably end up with the cabinet post of his choice.

This process will play out over the coming months. The leaders who’ve dissed and trashed Trump, now expecting him to win the White House, will join  the negotiations Trump started last June. Those leaders with no leverage will simply fold the way Vicente Fox did. Those with some leverage will stake out a strong position like Paul Ryan. Not right away, but soon, all of Trump’s “enemies” will be negotiating with The Donald through the media.

In other words, everyone who doubted Trump’s ability to win great deals for America will watch him practice his art on Twitter and TV. You’ll love this. You’ll want to help make America great again, won’t you?

For the record, now that he is the only viable alternative to Hillary Clinton, I’m for Trump. And the never Trumpers are having an affair to get back at their daughters.