May 4, 2016

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For Trump

I’m for Trump.

I like stating the positive.

So I’m for Trump.

The NR Against Trump writers can own it if Hillary wins and appoints a Supreme Court justice who’s to the left of Bader-Ginsberg as Scalia’s replacement. They’ll take that to their graves.

For me, I’m for Trump. I’ll admit he wasn’t my first choice, but he was far from my last choice. My first choice, Ben Carson, endorsed The Donald.

Trump seems to love America and Americans. His kids love him. His ex-wife endorsed him. And he has a history of accomplishing things everybody else thought hopeless.

A lot of people think America is hopeless, but Trump thinks he can fix it. Why not give him this chance? No one else has a plausible plan to fix our country. Trump’s plan might be a little vague, but it’s still viable. Everybody else’s was dead on arrival. And who doesn’t want to make America great again? Reagan did.

So I’m for Trump. How bad could it be?

I’m working on a longer post. Look for it on Sunday. But this one pretty much sums up my feelings and thoughts tonight, the night Americans rejected the political elite and took a chance on someone different from anything we’ve seen before.

I’m for America.

I’m for Trump.