April 28, 2016

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Government Censors Health Information. Collusion! Rigged!

You’ve probably found yourself saying words like “rigged” and “collusion” recently. They’ve become sexy words, haven’t they. That’s because Donald Trump’s made rigged and collusion household words. He’s put them in your head.

You might even use them wrong. “There was a collusion on highway forty-four.” Or “I rigged my shorts.” (BTW, Hillary sounds weak and hoarse, doesn’t she? Grating.)

If you haven’t noticed yourself saying rigged and collusion, pay attention tomorrow. I’m guessing you’ll say rigged and collusion–both words–before you fall asleep. (But don’t worry, you’ll sleep like a baby.)

Scott Adams, the genius who creates Dilbert, pointed out Trump’s remarkable ability to get in people’s heads long ago. Scott Adams is right, of course, and you knew it all along. Great cartoonists see people more accurately than psychologists.

But people are using the words “rigged” and “collusion” for another reason, independent of Trump. America is rigged. And the federal government does collude with big corporations to protect entrenched incumbents against innovation and creativity. People in St. Louis know how effectively government and big taxicab companies colluded to rig the market against rideshare companies like Lyft and Uber. Uber finally decided to ignore the riggers and colluders and offer to drive drunks home safely.

So if you’re an inventor who can’t catch a break, it’s probably not your fault. The system is rigged. It’s always been rigged, but it’s more rigged now than ever before, isn’t it? Just look around.

When government and huge corporate interests rig the system, little guys get screwed. Sometimes people die. And the government just laughs, doesn’t it?

You know I’m working with the Coalition for Safer Drinking to break the collusion racket of big liquor and big government. I wrote a book about it: Fight to Evolve. I love innovation, but I hate collusion and rigged markets. NTX technology makes drinking alcohol safer than eating some fast foods. But the government banned people from telling you these facts, because bureaucrats want to protect huge liquor companies and their profits. Screw them.

I’m not supporting the colluding riggers anymore. I’m speaking for myself and saying what I believe, as I have most of the time since I wrote Conservative Manifesto in 1993.

And I think you’re ready to throw off the mask of some rigged collusion and speak for yourself, are you not? You want to begin by ignoring the federal government’s order to remain ignorant of NTX by reading my new book Fight to Evolve. You can defy the colluders.

Irritate a colluding rigger: Drink safer alcohol.